Writing and healing: Poetry 2

In previous article, the basics of writing as healing were laid out. To have full comprehension of series, consult following articles and download free Ebook. Articles: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 In one of previous articles, I wrote about significance of origin story. Origin story is very important. The role of origin story is … Continue reading Writing and healing: Poetry 2


Poem about erotic experience 2

To read the poem, click here. This is a poem from my poem book Red. Writing Red was an amazing experience. What inspired me to write Red was contemplation on term "erotic". What is the meaning of word erotic? It's hard to classify something as erotic. Erotic often refers to experience including sex. Yet sex … Continue reading Poem about erotic experience 2

About writing #6

As I wrote in March announcement, this month I'll be writing about poetry and spirituality. For me, poetry is a way to discover what humans are. To be more precise, to write poetry is to grasp the feeling of Being. To write poetry is to understand the very fiber of Being. To bring what's sacred … Continue reading About writing #6