Chants from other side of the Moon #5

In tremor of fingers  Man's fear is unsheathed, leaving breadcrumbs of immortality rarely eaten A Man washing his face resembles the pebble deep sacrilege of ancient cups who viscerally stored blood and wine, yet couldn't hold a single wind-grasp of soul, a history of leafs chanting for Ever-being Sadness of Men deserves to be in … Continue reading Chants from other side of the Moon #5


Chants from other side of the Moon #2

Leaf trembles not before any pain, its spine is a droplet under ever-being of Sun, the immovable eyes reveal solemn gaze, seasons flow easier than salt within Ocean's waves Though fear is absolved on petals of dreadful experience, fear is not needed, its sought Being reveals itself to the masterful, those brave enough to seize … Continue reading Chants from other side of the Moon #2

Writing and healing: how to start

Before you read this article, I suggest you read this and this. Writing enables healing through spirituality. To learn more about my view on spirituality please consult Introduction to spirituality or buy Veteran convict. Also, from now on, I'll use art and writing under same term "art". For me both art and writing are arts, and therefore there … Continue reading Writing and healing: how to start

About writing #6

As I wrote in March announcement, this month I'll be writing about poetry and spirituality. For me, poetry is a way to discover what humans are. To be more precise, to write poetry is to grasp the feeling of Being. To write poetry is to understand the very fiber of Being. To bring what's sacred … Continue reading About writing #6

Going erotic

Lately, I posted a lot on my social media with hashtag #goerotic. Now, I try to make my tweets and posts as clear and concise as they can be. However, there is still need for explaining. Term "erotic" has been around for a very long time. But with this term, as with anything I do, I … Continue reading Going erotic

Spiritual and erotic in practice

Previously, I wrote about spirituality and erotic. Today, I want to write about the practical use of spirituality, and its transition to erotic. As I wrote here, I developed a certain view on relationships. So far, I can say it works good. The view  came from understanding of spirituality and erotic I acquired. I had … Continue reading Spiritual and erotic in practice

Spiritual and erotic

I tweet about these terms a lot. I find they should stand next to each other. However, the terms here are usually complete opposites. There are lot of sources to blame for this. We can go as far as middle ages and church, but here, this will not be the case. I propose something different. … Continue reading Spiritual and erotic