Chants from other side of the Moon #1

Hands are streams of being, it's in nature of humans to nurture And yet they fail, fail more often than young boys at markets of life trying to seize a breath of dream that must die, named Youth They peak, peak as high as last hope of autumn, a boundless lark of white evaporating in … Continue reading Chants from other side of the Moon #1


Poetry 1.4

Red captivated me. I wanted to let go, but couldn't. Fires seem distant, it's the burning that is so real. I try to touch the red within me again. It doesn't seem so intangible anymore. It feels like bubbles, alien-friendly, in deep sleep. My hand is over the water, or over a liquid that I … Continue reading Poetry 1.4

Non-fiction 1.3

Being is the basis of self. These terms correlate with each other. To be exact, these terms can't be verified, physically or mentally without each other.  Self is the I through which we govern ourselves. Yet, self is based on our being. Our being encompasses what we are, how we manifest ourselves and who we … Continue reading Non-fiction 1.3