Poetry advice

Recently, I started using Reddit. One of the first topics I encountered was sub-redit about poetry advice for beginners. There was a lot of complex advice I believe no beginner can fathom. What makes an amateur is his lack of structure and technical detail related to the subject at hand. Amateur is amateur because he … Continue reading Poetry advice


Writing and healing: Poetry 3

  Red #8 Among leaves of grass many creatures roam, and among those not everyone is blessed with being Flowers are garden’s Sky for they came from Earth, but other creatures aren’t so noble as flowers are, some require teeth to reminisce on watery days of Spring-Sun, long minutes where they failed to mold themselves … Continue reading Writing and healing: Poetry 3

Custom poem, poem per order

I'm happy to announce that I wrote first custom poem, poem per order. I wrote it for one Terri Hubbard. Terri said she liked the poem, and I was really happy to be able to make her happy. Custom poem, poem per order is for you. It's about you. I noticed that are many men … Continue reading Custom poem, poem per order

Poetry 1.2

I find poetry to be unparalleled as a mean for exploration. Poetry gives insight in anything we inquire. Especially, since the poet has to ask himself for a meaning of term he is describing, poetry allows poet to understand himself. For a long time, red was my favorite color. Today, I understand why. I don't … Continue reading Poetry 1.2

Non-fiction 1.1

Veteran convict will be my most serious book to date. In order to write it, I had to get serious too. Not the kind of serious you would expect from a goverment official investigating alien related tax frauds. I believe I matured a bit. I experienced spirituality. You can read all about it on my … Continue reading Non-fiction 1.1

February notice

February is going to be busy month for me. I want to drop two books. One non-fiction and one poetry book. I decided that it's time to create a book that will sum up the idea of spirituality, spirit economics and erotic. I will publish the book under title "Veteran convict". For me this has … Continue reading February notice