Poetry advice

Recently, I started using Reddit. One of the first topics I encountered was sub-redit about poetry advice for beginners. There was a lot of complex advice I believe no beginner can fathom. What makes an amateur is his lack of structure and technical detail related to the subject at hand. Amateur is amateur because he … Continue reading Poetry advice


Writing and healing

Lately I've been a bit baffled by things that excite me. I found out that I'm very happy to see people take up writing or arts. Yet, most people fear to take up those. They are in predicament of not being talented enough or lacking a quality that would make them destined for art. I'm … Continue reading Writing and healing

About writing #6

As I wrote in March announcement, this month I'll be writing about poetry and spirituality. For me, poetry is a way to discover what humans are. To be more precise, to write poetry is to grasp the feeling of Being. To write poetry is to understand the very fiber of Being. To bring what's sacred … Continue reading About writing #6

Poetry hack

I've noticed that are a lot of people complaining on writer's block. In my opinion, writer's block is a myth. It's a myth supported by nothing else than lack of effort. Let's face it, what people do when they face writer's block? They don't write. That, in itself, is the main problem and cause of … Continue reading Poetry hack