Writing and healing: Poetry 4

Red Blessed are the leafs for they are not the residue but the salt of the Sky, they wither to Earth’s gentle reign, only to be reborn again Man isn’t blessed, for his salt is his doing, and he is often measured not through the residue, but through which was his own Sky and Earth … Continue reading Writing and healing: Poetry 4


Writing and healing: Poetry 3

  Red #8 Among leaves of grass many creatures roam, and among those not everyone is blessed with being Flowers are garden’s Sky for they came from Earth, but other creatures aren’t so noble as flowers are, some require teeth to reminisce on watery days of Spring-Sun, long minutes where they failed to mold themselves … Continue reading Writing and healing: Poetry 3

Poem about erotic experience 2

To read the poem, click here. This is a poem from my poem book Red. Writing Red was an amazing experience. What inspired me to write Red was contemplation on term "erotic". What is the meaning of word erotic? It's hard to classify something as erotic. Erotic often refers to experience including sex. Yet sex … Continue reading Poem about erotic experience 2

Writing and healing: how to start

Before you read this article, I suggest you read this and this. Writing enables healing through spirituality. To learn more about my view on spirituality please consult Introduction to spirituality or buy Veteran convict. Also, from now on, I'll use art and writing under same term "art". For me both art and writing are arts, and therefore there … Continue reading Writing and healing: how to start

Writing and healing

Lately I've been a bit baffled by things that excite me. I found out that I'm very happy to see people take up writing or arts. Yet, most people fear to take up those. They are in predicament of not being talented enough or lacking a quality that would make them destined for art. I'm … Continue reading Writing and healing