My books

In this post, you'll be able to see my new releases and platform my books are available at: You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can get my free Ebook Introduction to spirituality on several platforms, here, here and here. Also, you can apply for custom poem and check the sample here. … Continue reading My books


Poem about erotic experience 2

To read the poem, click here. This is a poem from my poem book Red. Writing Red was an amazing experience. What inspired me to write Red was contemplation on term "erotic". What is the meaning of word erotic? It's hard to classify something as erotic. Erotic often refers to experience including sex. Yet sex … Continue reading Poem about erotic experience 2

Poem about erotic experience 1

Man as a being is bound to his thirst as nature is to spring, his pain has to be sated through sacrifice of misgivings, for only that is noble life He thirsts honey-peach, anger and power, but blind he is not, for Night is a silent servant of God, it ends its life by becoming … Continue reading Poem about erotic experience 1

Writing and healing: how to start

Before you read this article, I suggest you read this and this. Writing enables healing through spirituality. To learn more about my view on spirituality please consult Introduction to spirituality or buy Veteran convict. Also, from now on, I'll use art and writing under same term "art". For me both art and writing are arts, and therefore there … Continue reading Writing and healing: how to start

Writing and healing

Lately I've been a bit baffled by things that excite me. I found out that I'm very happy to see people take up writing or arts. Yet, most people fear to take up those. They are in predicament of not being talented enough or lacking a quality that would make them destined for art. I'm … Continue reading Writing and healing

About writing #6

As I wrote in March announcement, this month I'll be writing about poetry and spirituality. For me, poetry is a way to discover what humans are. To be more precise, to write poetry is to grasp the feeling of Being. To write poetry is to understand the very fiber of Being. To bring what's sacred … Continue reading About writing #6

March announcement

  In March there will be a new poetry book and probably a new non-fiction book. Poem book will be part of Palette: Primary colors series. I haven't decided yet about other book. For now, let it be a surprise. As for blog, this month will be about poetry and spirituality. My view on mastery … Continue reading March announcement

Poetry hack

I've noticed that are a lot of people complaining on writer's block. In my opinion, writer's block is a myth. It's a myth supported by nothing else than lack of effort. Let's face it, what people do when they face writer's block? They don't write. That, in itself, is the main problem and cause of … Continue reading Poetry hack

What is happiness

Through February I mostly wrote about my view on spirituality and related topics. This month I want to cover various controversial questions that ravaged man from ancient times. One of those questions is happiness. What is happiness? Today, a friend of mine stopped by at my place. We had coffee. The commotion lasts roughly until … Continue reading What is happiness

A tough month: Recap

I love February. I was born one day in February, approximately at noon. For me, February is month of trial and fire. I love it. As this day comes to an end, I conclude that I'm blogging for 4 months with more than 40 posts. This is my first blog and there are a lot … Continue reading A tough month: Recap