Chants from other side of the Moon #2

Leaf trembles not before any pain,
its spine is a droplet under ever-being
of Sun, the immovable eyes reveal solemn
gaze, seasons flow easier than salt within
Ocean’s waves

Though fear is absolved on petals of dreadful
experience, fear is not needed, its sought

Being reveals itself to the masterful, those
brave enough to seize the burning heart from
their chest, squeeze it, mold it, blood being
the truth that Man is, remains are jewels
by whom is revealed person’s face

Yet history is brotherly in appearance to
mountains of old, rugged-eternal as shadows
of distant stars whose light can heal the bleakness
of Earth, Man is to reach within Self

One does not utters in whisper or hastily calls
for spring, one wakes it in mastery of living
Poison is nature Man not choose to be,
that of Moon, of river’s stream,
one that Man rarely lets in dream-rebirth
of experience known only as Being
In hands of Man there are Chants from
other side of the Moon

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