Writing and healing: Poetry 2

In previous article, the basics of writing as healing were laid out. To have full comprehension of series, consult following articles and download free Ebook.

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In one of previous articles, I wrote about significance of origin story. Origin story is very important. The role of origin story is to provide you with basis, a clue or a hint. These are here to help you become spiritual.

When I analyze spiritual practices through history I have to conclude that they’re to rigid. Maybe, they weren’t in their respective spirit of times, but for contemporary notion, they are too rigid. We as people of 21st century deserve practice that can actually aids us in our plight. We need spirituality we can actually use and practice. If we want to do so, we need to use what we already have to its fullest potential. And what better source of usage, than ourselves?

Yes, you may not believe it, but you are very special. I’m not saying this because I want to create a false sense of purpose or value in you. Nobody should be cheated like that. There are few reasons why you are special:

  1. You are a being
  2. You have individual perspective of what being is
  3. You can access your being

Maybe this doesn’t sound too promising, but stay with me. I’ll break it down.

  1. You are a being – What is man? What does it mean to be human? How being human is even measured? What makes you human? All these questions without a clear answer. Yet, somehow we all wake up, day after day, never reflecting what we truly are.Being a being is very special condition of human existence. First of all, we are all beings, yet we rarely treat ourselves as such. What does it mean to be a being? It means having a more complex grasp on self and world. Being a being means that you are aware of self that you are, but also aware of the world that surrounds you. Becoming a being in full sense of word means a more complete existence.
  2. You have individual perspective of what being is – These are the bones of your individuality. Let’s take a look at philosophy, religion and art. How come there are many different philosophies, religions and approaches to art? Why is that? It’s because different people have different views and perspectives of being. They have them because they are different being within Being itself. Being is the beginning and sum of all existence. Individuality is composed solely on this perspective of Being. Therefore, each person can see and experience Being, and form a thought and perspective on it. That’s how we move and life in the world.
  3. You can access your being – That’s what spirituality is all about. You have this amazing gift to just be you. You may not think much of yourself, but believe, you are packing heat and that’s honest. There is no one else in existence like you. There is never going to be. Don’t feel sad, tired, don’t suffer. Fight, fight for the right to be a being. Trust me, you deserve it.

Spirituality is way of accessing your being through passionate attentiveness. Spirituality is a way for you to connect with your being. It’s way to truly help yourself. Here, example of spirituality will be shown through writing.

In previous article I shown how you can start writing stanzas and verses according to your dominant emotion. While this may help in beginning and along the way, a more solid base is called for. This is your moment of change and it must have solid roots. Let’s refer again to origin story.

As it was written previously, origin story is your view of yourself through your life. Basically, it’s a history of self. You’ll never be able to remember everything about yourself, but all humans share the trait of mythologizing their lives. It’s not bad, it’s something people can’t live without. Let’s use this to our advantage.

Take a look at your life, your history of self. Pick moments that are most important to you. Not happiest nor saddest, just those moment and events that shaped your life. Next, take people that mean to you. Not just those who you love, but also those you despise, even hate. Ask yourself the following: What are these things precious to you? What they mean to you? Why do they mean to you?

Remember, always be honest with yourself. You won’t be able to become spiritual and progress if you aren’t sincere with yourself. These questions will aid you in discovering your true problems. Try to answer these questions. Write them on paper and take your time. Make a journal if necessary.

When you answered those questions, try to trace a common trait among the answers. Try to reveal who you are. Why do you love people you love and hate people you  hate? Is there anything to it? What is?

The answers will provide you with your true origin story, your bare essence. These people are just people. They could exist with or without you. Your answers are showing you how you perceive those people, their existence and their relevance to your problems. Now, take what’s really bothering you. Write that down also. Try to figure out why is it bothering you. This may be hard, at the beginning of the journey, it’s really hard. But don’t sweat if you can’t answer all these questions in the beginning. Neither could I to be honest. Spirituality is a lifestyle that is earned. You have to earn it. If you can answer the questions, then you just go forward and make peace with what’s bothering you. Since, this probably won’t be the case, try something different.

Take one of those joyous or painful moments, people, events and try writing about them. In previous article, it was concluded that true value of artist and his work lies in artfulness. Don’t be afraid to write. Be free, write. Don’t be concerned with ideas of good and bad writing, this is for you. You need to cleanse yourself, to put your pain out of you. You don’t deserve misery, so don’t be miserable. Write.

Having an origin story drafted out is far better than relying on dominant emotions. Origin story gives more in the long run. Emotions will change as time goes by. They aren’t constant. Origin story is, is the history of self, your self. In that manner, it can’t be escaped. It can only be transcended through spirituality. If you tried writing about dominant emotion, try writing about one of the elements from yours history of self.

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