Writing and healing: Poetry 1

March is reserved for writing about writing and spirituality. For previous articles on the subject, please check out following links: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

In previous articles I discussed how writing as a form of activity can influence your being, making you more spiritual. To be honest, I was unfair to my readers. As I continued writing about spirituality, I didn’t include examples. I believe examples are very important. Today’s post is about how to effectively use poetry writing as way to be spiritual.

Poetry is discovery of being. While writing poetry, you’re faced with predicament. What are you going to write about? The answers may vary, but I suggest you try writing about yourself. This could work because:

  1. You are the subject you are best acquainted with
  2. You can never run out of inspiration, because you can never outrun yourself
  3. It will help you become spiritual and heal

Of course, I strongly advise writing about what you love. On the other hand, if you want to try arts as a way of healing, I advise writing about yourself. Next, you are going to need a topic to write about. Since you have your own problems, I suggest picking one of them. Yet, this can be tricky due to the nature of problem. To simplify it, I suggest picking a dominant emotion. It can be anything, and remember, spectrum of emotion varies. A lot of things can be classified as emotion. Emotion is advised choice due to fact that we live of emotion in certain sense. We can’t live without them as they guide our choices through life.

Next, we to sum up that emotion. This can be a bit hard. My example will be wrath. For a long time I thought my biggest problem was anger, but I was wrong. It was wrath. While anger is a short, definitive burst of negative energy, wrath is entirely different beast. Wrath takes its time to swell up. It’s a swamp, a clutter that feeds on feeding you. Slowly, as days go by you get used to it and at some point, you can’t let go of it. So, what I encourage you to do here is to specify your emotion.

What I did was that I took a piece of paper, and tried to write down my emotion. Write about it. Classify it, specify it and define it. It looks something like this:

I feel anger. I feel frustration. I wish people understood me more clearly. I don’t want to feel this way. Anytime I try to be a normal person, I’m terrified. I’m terrified of what lurks beneath, far from other’s gaze. I can’t live with it, yet I can’t live without it. It hurts, God, it hurts. I lash out and I feel fine, but it never leaves me. It won’t go away. I thought the beast was inside me. Now, after countless nights, I know the truth. I’m the Beast. 

This is my example. Before my baptism under the Moon-of-Plains, I was the Beast. I was ugly, violent, wicked and unsavory creature to behold. Yet, sought to change. After further examination of my being and state of being, I realized I’m wrathful. What comes next is writing about the emotion. As you are here, at this moment, try to let the emotion swell. Try to let it glow, let it show itself before you. See how deeply does it run. Then, write it down, let it be bare.

I can’t live with you,
you’re poison I’m addicted to,
death is dream of salvation, your
blood is the border I must pass,
in life I’ll never be free

Now, we have a few stanzas. However, be warned. This is confession, not poetry. Those are my feelings, but they don’t count as poetry. Poetry is an act of doing, of discovery and light. Let’s capitalize on that. Let’s be spiritual. Let’s turn our suffering into something beautiful, that’s why art is here for. But how do we accomplish our task? How do we do that? If you consulted articles I linked to at the beginning of article, you could get a hang of it. If you didn’t no probs. Our next step is to mold the stanzas in poetry. In my opinion poetry is a sense of being. Now that I encapsulated wrath, it’s time to make it spiritual. It’s time to heal. If you had a chance to read this post, you could see a way to do it. Let’s track down the being of my wrath.

Spring is near,
Sky wakes up to answer Time,
it knows its ways, in stalk of flower
fires are dark, not often can rivers
give birth, Earth can’t be kissed by
those baptized in blood

Now we are getting somewhere. First, I transcended confession. Now, the poem isn’t directly about me. It’s about being of my wrath. I want to acknowledge how I feel and I want to change it. I need to do so in order to change as a being, to grow as a flower. With this I actually molded my wrath. It’s written, and since it’s documented, I can review it. I can dig deeper and write better verse. Therefore, I can better understand myself. With this, I’ll know the depth of my wrath and I’ll be able keep myself in check. More importantly, I’m closer to discovering the nature of my peril. I’ll continue writing until I beat it. I’ll master myself through writing. That’s spirituality.

To enter spiritual realm of writing, I need a closer inspection of my verse. What’s it about? Is it really dealing with my wrath? Does it carry a particular insight about my situation? Let’s reexamine the verse. Let’s rewrite it again.

Spring is near,
Sky is an answer to perils of Time,
The flowers are Lords of being, they
know its path, rivers glisten in tomorrow’s
promise, by those baptized by blood are
condemned, lacking blossom, it is hard
to become stalk of Earth, when gaze
of such animal is diluted by blood-salt

Now we have a much better verse. It has more details, more style, it conveys a clearer message. This is verse, this is poetry. I feel so much better. I feel devoid of negative and destructive feelings. They are on paper now, not in me anymore. You can do the same. Don’t be concerned about talents, skills or whatever. Don’t have prejudice about yourself. Your talent is measured by your efforts.

To recap:

  1. Pick a dominant emotion – Write about what you are truly feeling. You are treasury, archipelago of wealth ready to be harvested. Don’t doubt yourself. Your emotions, thoughts and feelings are valued in proportion to how deep you dig in them. What great artist did was simply exploring their inner world. You can do the same. Don’t be afraid.
  2. Your writing deserves bones – Don’t lie. Write what you feel and describe your feelings. Let them lay bare. See how you are truly feeling and write that down. At all cost avoid feeling ashamed. It’s not worth it. If you want to be spiritual Chants from other side of the Moon style, you don’t get to be ashamed. You are reading this and possibly try this practice to feel better, not worse. And don’t you dare to forget to have fun, enjoy art and feel better.
  3. Practice spirituality through artfulness – This is the moment spirituality enters the picture. It doesn’t matter if you know nothing about writing or art, or whatever you want to pursue as means of spiritual conduct. Inscribe this into your soul, that’s not what matters. You could finish any college, school or course and never be an artist. Even sadder, you’ll never feel artfulness. Don’t seek art, seek spirituality, seek artfulness. That’s something nobody could ever take from you. Sure people could criticize you work and ways, but that’s not what matters. What matters the most is how you are feeling. Trust me, try artfulness.

Here you go. New article is coming tomorrow. Stay tuned. Please, at least try this out, give yourself chance to feel better. I’m cheering for you. You deserve it.

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Michael of Moon

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