Writing and healing: how to start

Before you read this article, I suggest you read this and this. Writing enables healing through spirituality. To learn more about my view on spirituality please consult Introduction to spirituality or buy Veteran convict.

Also, from now on, I’ll use art and writing under same term “art”. For me both art and writing are arts, and therefore there is no need to separate them from each other. So when you read future articles remember that art and writing are one under term “art”. 

There are tons of quotes citing how art is the salvation of man. Furthermore, these quotes fail to disclose how art saves the man. Most people you can meet who dabble in arts struggle with same problem. They practice arts, but they don’t seem to feel effects of those quotes.

What does it even mean to be an artist today? What are the principles of art? What is the striving of art? Why even do arts?

These are questions I usually ask people. Usually I don’t get any answers. I don’t blame those people. Unlike previous spirit of times, there are no specialized institutions to which people could ask for advice or take apprenticeship at. I mean, you can, but you have to pay. After you pay such institution at best you get a well rounded knowledge of basics of art, but you’ll be far from becoming an artist. Still, you’ll lack expertise to be artist.

Institutions should and shouldn’t be blamed. They should be blamed because getting a degree in painting doesn’t necessarily makes you a painter, nor it propels you into painting world. They shouldn’t be blamed when contemporary artists are observed. What are they even doing? We are at beginning of a new century. Where are our artists, movements? What are they doing?

Before institutions, a question must be posed to artists. Who are you?

Who is artist? What can be said about the mythical being which haunted mankind from its inception? Actually, not much. There is no definite answer to the question.

With so much influence from social media and other sources, what should man when he wants to become artist? He should seek spirituality.

Even more than art enthusiasts, people with emotional trauma, problems, suffering should seek to heal through writing. Although some people are blessed to know right away what kind of art suits them most, if you don’t know try writing. Writing is basically transformation of thoughts.

If you are having trouble in life, try writing. Don’t be concerned with talents, skills or status. These all are relative. Be concerned with uncovering of your being. Write and learn who you are. Learn you troubles and deal with them. Writing is spiritual.

Spirituality should be mandatory for artists. Spirituality allows you to access your being. What spirituality also does for you is that it helps you heal. Spirituality is art of the self, so art can become salvation.

Also, writing is a great way for everyday people to learn something about themselves and blow some steam off. Try it. Here are advice and tips for new artist or people who are generally interested in art, but don’t know how or where to begin.

For new artists:

  • Pick a topicAs you decide what kind of art you want to pursue, you should pick a topic. I suggest something with which you are emotionally connected. Each person has a dominant emotion depending on the circumstances of your life. Its important to pick a dominant emotion, because dominant emotions are harder to use up. Also, these kind of emotions are connected to specific events that molded your life. Write about them, don’t be afraid. Don’t ever be afraid to see who you truly are. With such powerful topic, you’ll be able to utilize it to your full potential. If you pick something you aren’t personally connected with, it’ll be easy to lose composure, thought and ideas regarding the subject you selected. Stick with what you personally feel and know, no matter what is it.
  • DigDig and keep digging. You are a gold mine. Art is about letting art bloom into its own being through you. And what better start as an artist could you have than to dig yourself up? As written in previous paragraph, you have dominant emotions, life altering experiences and important events. Don’t just describe them. Dig thorough them. Why particular event or person hurt you? Is it pain you are feeling? Is it something else? What is it? Can you see it, touch it, feel it? Now describe it. There is something more probably to it, especially if it includes other people. Dig. You don’t need any other inspiration or motivation. You are motivation, inspiration and development.
  • PersistThis is the step most artist, especially beginners fail at. You have to be persistent. Sure, there’ll be days when you feel like you would lay and die, but let those be your most productive days. Life is like that, life is hard. To most of us, life is full of suffering and problems. What will you eat? Will you have a job tomorrow? What will future bring? And yet, life is art and art is life. They share one common chip in their armors. They don’t consider you to be in your battle mode. But now, you want to be artist, you want to be spiritual. Those don’t come cheap and shouldn’t come cheap. I don’t believe in talents, I believe in work. When you feel like you can’t hack it, you can. When you feel like you are going to crumble, remember why you are doing it, and fight back. You’ll be surprised by results. Don’t ever give up.
  • Strive for improvementArt is savage. It lives on crumbling worlds, eternal graveyards of being’s remembrance. Most common way for art to be verified is to stand on top of known tradition. So whatever art you choose, remember to read a lot and practice even more. But when you do it, always try to improve a bit if it’s possible. Take a look at your work. What are you doing? Is you previous work same or highly similar to your previous work? What could you do differently? What’s lacking? What could be improved? Ask yourself those questions after you finish, and you’ll always be able to improve.
  • Let art teach youThis is where spirituality kicks in, this is its crowning moment. Remember, work for some time. Then take a day off, after 2-3 months of work. Is anything different? You’ll see steady improvement in your work, but what about you? Does anything feel different? Take a look at how precious art is. It’s something people create, yet it’s something which requires same kind of attention child does. Will you be gentle to it? Will you strive to understand it? Will it improve? It all depends on you. Art can teach you a lot, if you are ready to invest time in it. If you are ready to invest time in yourself.

Spirituality is healing of self. It’s mastery of self.

Maybe an answer to the questions of art and artist can’t be answered. However, art is a important aspect of spirituality.

To seek artfulness is to be spiritual.

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