Writing and healing

Lately I’ve been a bit baffled by things that excite me. I found out that I’m very happy to see people take up writing or arts. Yet, most people fear to take up those. They are in predicament of not being talented enough or lacking a quality that would make them destined for art. I’m saddened to see these people young in arts aren’t seeing the bigger picture. Art loves pain. Art and poetry are discovery of self.

Artists and writers are eternal through combination of two elements: body of work and origin story. It’s hard to determine which is more important. Of course, artist is remembered through immortalized pieces of art he created. But, would it be possible to create art without a proper origin story?

Origin story isn’t about where you came from, what you love, etc. Origin stories are about why people do what they do. What makes them follow a certain path in life? Why did someone get interested in writing or art?

When observed, the phenomenons of art and writing are institutionalized to a high degree. Today, there are tons of books written. Art has lived through paradise of variety when it comes to artist, epochs, approaches. With history so flooded, are humans even left to give something to art?

Viewed as an institutional museum, art has nothing left for man. Without a regard for education, if man is forced to undergo a serious training in order to determine if he’s able to evaluate what good writing or art is, what’s left for him? The current states of affairs in arts and writing dictates to write under presumption of good “writing” or “art”. What’s hard to find in reviews or critiques of writing is why is that writing good in the first place?

What is good writing? How is good writing determined? Is it possible to determine it? More importantly, how can beginner artists or writers be encouraged to persist when they are met with this monolithic force? Rarely they are.

Most beginners tend to create confessions. These are raw, unedited bodies of work mostly concerned with intimate life of artist or writer. Beginners stick to strongest emotion or landmark of their lives and continue to write about it. That’s the reason beginner tend to write either love or sad poetry. These are their most intense emotions. This tends to carry on for a time being. Then, a time comes for artist, if they’re honest, to ask themselves is that writing any good? If they are able to be criticize themselves they are on good path. Most of the work written or created at the beginning will not be good. This has nothing to do with talent, but with fact that artist or writer is still underdeveloped. One can’t be writer or artist if he doesn’t know himself.

True nature of confessional writing is hidden. It’s a sign by the road. Confessional creativity allows confessions. It allows artist or writer to create content on premise they can’t remain silent no more. This kind of creation is brief touch and engagement of potent creative abilities.

When person takes up art or writing, a question should arise. Why do you do it? Why do you want it? Before anything else, writing is mostly torture and sainthood at the same time. First, there are years of writing necessary before something of value will be created. Second, creativity in this sense requires commitment and long hours of solitude. Why would anyone want this? The answer to that is hidden within origin story.

Each man is awarded their origin story the first moment they embark on the path of self discovery. Problem is, nobody can tell you yours. You have to discover yourself. However, it’s great to hear others origin stories since they can be used as general draft of your spirit. People can learn a lot by observing others.

For some time I wrote in confessional manner. Mostly, I wrote about pain, suffering, anger and death. I though about death a lot. At some points I wanted to die, I wanted others to die. I wanted to exist in non-existence. Maybe as a sound, or an idea or maybe exist in a way unimaginable to humans.

I hid a notebook under old stuff nobody in my house used anymore. I never had much, and writing was just mine. It concerned nobody else. It had nothing to do with grades, social standing or reputation. It was my world. It was were I was coming from to be free. At one point in my confessions, I came to an idea. I wanted to visit an old bridge located at the edge of the fields, behind my house. Whenever weather and my schedule allowed I would visit the bridge and sit on the middle of it and write poetry on cell phone.

Wind silently screamed in its passing. River beneath spared no attention to me. I was alone. I wrote a few stanzas, then marveled at stillness before me. River passed. Clouds passed. Wooden bridge uttered nothing. Yet, it was all moving, breathing. At the time my biggest concern was overcoming the beast I was. Wrath, anger, fear were emotions which polluted my well-being. I was young, but in need of help. I couldn’t shake those feeling off. My thoughts wandered, drifting with clouds. At least, clouds are free to disperse and be reborn. I wasn’t. I had to live with myself.

How could I live like that? What was left for me? I knew the Beast wasn’t going to be silent. It had so much power over me. The visions of dreaded future appeared before me. I closed my eyes and saw future burn. Violence, wrath, powerlessness, fear raged in a single pot of mud that was my head. What could I do? Finally, my call was answered. I will continue to write about it. I will do it differently this time.

I’ll have to understand where my writing is coming from. What’s my origin story? Why do I pick the pen or write in the first place? What do I want to accomplish with it?

I didn’t write for any kind of prestige. I didn’t want to win any prizes. I wanted to be free. Free from destructive emotions, free from pollution, free from decay. I wanted to blossom like a flower. But I couldn’t. There was part of me that I thought will never bloom. The addict who knew nothing but wrath, knew no principles, child that knew nothing.

More than anything else, I wanted to be free. That’s my origin story. I started writing to free myself. Whenever I feel like I can’t write, I just remember my origin story. Whenever I feel like I can’t hack it, I remember why I started. What origin story allowed me was to examine myself and understand myself. It served as a start that I created, map of my soul I drawn. Origin story is how I found spirituality. I wanted to be free, but following my origin story I found what I wanted and what I want to share with the world. As I freed myself from my writing was confessional no more. It became poetry for all people, for all being.

To understand the importance of origin story, let’s examine the following:

  1. Origin story gives foundation

    Nothing beats a good foundation. With origin story in check, young artist is ready to embark on a wonderful journey. Origin story serves  as a basis for the subject of your writing. Why you even write? What makes you tick? What is the purpose of your writing? What are you trying to achieve? When you answer those question, you’ll understand what you want to do and who you are. Be careful, as you learn more about yourself, you shall change. However, origin story gives you foundation since it shows you who you already are. With that in mind, you gained a path to follow. Path of self. Change yourself, be spiritual.

  2. Origin story is the source of motivation

    Many artists and writers make the same cardinal mistake. They say they are left without inspiration. They say they can’t work. I can’t believe this. Take a look at yourself. Think about it. You are so full of potential, full of secret thoughts and dreams. There is a world dwelling within you. Try to describe it, find its veins and drink from there. Taste of that blood should spur some excitement. Last but not least, you are the only person you have to live with for the rest of your life. Also, you are the person you can learn anything about it. Let that be source of your motivation.

  3. Origin story is the root of spirituality

    Knowing your origin story will help you become spiritual. Writing and arts about healing and what’s need to be healed is you. I never met a single person without personal problems. You have them, I have them, will all do. What spirituality, in my opinion allows us is to discover ourselves. Learn what’s wrong with us and help us overcome it. Learn about yourself, master yourself and your writing or art will be good. It will be holy, because it will possess spirituality. Your writing or art will help others. That’s what any writer or artist should strive for.

If you are interested in more help on writing, check this out. If you want to know more about my poetry and read it, check this out.


Michael of Moon

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