March announcement


In March there will be a new poetry book and probably a new non-fiction book. Poem book will be part of Palette: Primary colors series. I haven’t decided yet about other book. For now, let it be a surprise.

As for blog, this month will be about poetry and spirituality. My view on mastery will also be covered. This month, I hope to write an article every day.

I really look forward to publishing more books and writing about spirituality and poetry. I find spirituality and poetry to be entwined. I believe they help us reach and discover our being.

Stay tuned for new posts and new books. To see the February summary, click here.


Michael of Moon

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can get my free Ebook Introduction to spirituality on several platforms, here, here and here. Aslo, you can apply for custom poem and check the sample here. Subscribe and stay tuned for new Ebooks, gifts, and titles. Be spiritual.




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