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I’ve noticed that are a lot of people complaining on writer’s block. In my opinion, writer’s block is a myth. It’s a myth supported by nothing else than lack of effort.

Let’s face it, what people do when they face writer’s block? They don’t write. That, in itself, is the main problem and cause of the condition. Question arises, how can you write if you can’t write? I would like to reply with question? What else can you do?

To fight against writer’s block, you should keep writing. Unlike other arts, only writing is purely based on thoughts. Musician has notes, painter has colors and writer has thoughts. The nature of writing is such that writing is a way of transforming thoughts. Writer achieves mastery when he is able to form and transform thoughts into language on his own bidding. When faced with writer’s block, writer should find a new way to transmute his thoughts. Writing is thinking and thinking is writing.

Then, writer’s block is a thinking block. When faced with writer’s block, writer shouldn’t conform to abstinence, he should think more. Writer should think of ways to overcome writer’s block. There is no way you can’t write. But how you overcome this block? How can you overcome it through thinking? You could play with it. You could make writing to be game of thoughts. Here’s example of game of thoughts I use when I write poetry:

“To rise is to be within ocean, to rise
is to be life forevermore”

I have two stanzas here. However, I need to explore them further. I need to write a verse. I’ve been writing poetry for 5 years now and I’ve been on it almost every day. It can be so frustrating when you have to write every day. This is also a writer’s block. How do I solve this? I play with it. Let’s see what I have so far:

“To rise is to be within ocean, to rise
is to be life forevermore”

These stanzas are bland due to the fact they convey my thoughts literally. For a poet, this is unacceptable. Truth in poetry is revealed through hiding of your thoughts within poetic imagery. So, let’s try again, but before we do that, let’s examine the stanzas. I wanted to convey a special state of human condition elaborated in term “rise” by comparing “rising” with ocean and life. In my poetry, I love to use word ocean for anything imaginable. I’ll leave word ocean in it, but I’ll have to use it in a different way. How do I use it? I don’t really know, let’s play with it:

“Forevermore is ocean, for to be life
is to rise within”

Now I have completely different stanzas. Actually, my stanzas are headed to a new direction. Idea of writing a verse seems real now. Yet, what will I do with ocean and stanzas, how do I make it into verse? I need more structure, or I need a foundation for my verse. What’s my verse even about? I want to make it about a peculiar movement in all men, one which allows them to progress in all dimensions of their being. What I have to do now is to use the stanzas I already have and mold them into a verse. How do I do this? What I need to do is to find a way to push through. I need to contemplate on elements I already have. What can I do? I have stanzas, but I need a verse. Let’s take a look at the stanzas again.

“Forevermore is ocean, for to be life
is to rise within”

If I take a look at stanzas in front of me, I can conclude that I actually don’t have element or term man involved. Basically, I want to keep ocean, ocean being my all-time favorite word, but I want my verse to be about man. What should I do now? Let’s play again. What I’ll do now is simply adding words to my stanzas, and change the placement of words in stanza I already have. It will look this:

“Life is ocean rising within,
man’s soul is subtle as autumn
leaves are, for it knows decays of
stars, light-birth, fire is soul of man,
it is prepared to die to meet spring”

Now I have all elements I wanted to have in my verse. After all, I have verse now. See, after all, only blocks there are, are blocks you impose. Remember, though writing is art, all art comes from sweet indulgence of men. Love what you do and it shall become art.

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Michael of Moon

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10 thoughts on “Poetry hack

  1. That’s harsh. You’re entitled to your opinion. I respectfully disagree. I work hard, I have always worked hard but I know writers block and I know it exists. For some I’m sure it doesn’t and I think that’s wonderful, but I wouldn’t be so quick to assume the same set of outcomes and experiences as far as writers block for everyone.

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    1. Hi!

      Actually, I implied at the nature of writer’s block. I try to mold myself in order to reach a high level of pragmatism in everything I do. And may I quote you:

      “but I wouldn’t be so quick to assume the same set of outcomes and experiences as far as writers block for everyone”

      I didn’t assume anything. I gave an opinion on nature of writer’s block and my solution to overcome it. However, you seem to be personally triggered by my article. On the other hand, when you say you worked hard, you are implying that you and I have same view of hard work. You should’t be so quick to assume that we share an opinion on what hard work is. As I said, in my opinion most writers are lazy. If you are struggling with writer’s block related to poetry writing, I suggest you to read the article again and try implementing described advice. For me, overcome obstacles in life such as writer’s block is hard work.


      Michael of Moon


      1. You assume much. You should not use a word like ‘namaste’ when you are really seeking to insult via thinly veiled comments of ‘I wouldn’t be so quick to assume’ especially if you do exactly the same yourself. I won’t get into a pissing match not worth it at all suffice to say, be a little less judging of others because after all, who are you? and maybe namaste would look better on you

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      2. I must say I agree with TheFeatheredSleep on this one. You cannot say “writer’s block” doesn’t exist just because you don’t believe it does. The best writers of the last 100 years have acknowledged its existence so even if it is not a fact for you, it is for others. You say your definition of “hard work” is not necessarily the same as the other commenter but how would you know one way or the other?! You’re assuming things…as when you write a post that boldly declares “writer’s block” does not exist. I disagreed with your post and found it slightly patronising BUT your subsequent comments were—without a shadow of a doubt—VERY patronising.
        I strongly recommend you don’t patronise others in future, it’s never appreciated even when coming from the most brilliant minds and even less so when it is from a pretty much anonymous blogger.
        Btw, your “solution” to “writer’s block” is pretty much bollocks in my opinion. Is that a verified fact? No, just my humble opinion.

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  2. I’ll break my answer to both of you as following:

    @featheredsleep: You shouldn’t be so personally hurt by an article. If you see yourself as an intelligent and mature person, this isn’t the way to prove anything. You assume that I’m some sort of douchebag because I believe there is a way to by pass a writer’s block? How could you judge me if you didn’t try to understand me? That’s weak son.

    @Purpleanais Again you are the one who is assuming things. If you read my article carefully you’ll see that I wrote about way to defeat writer’s block. You are patronizing, in fact, I have my opinion and you came here to stomp because of it. You are the judgmental one.

    For both of you: If you praise yourself to be smart or intelligent don’t be so buthurt to ideas different than yours. If you struggle with writer’s block that’s your problem. I think that through word games you are at least able to affect writer’s block. If it’s impossible for you, that’s your problem. Next time, spare me and yourself of such behavior. You aren’t doing yourselves much good.


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