A tough month: Recap

I love February. I was born one day in February, approximately at noon. For me, February is month of trial and fire. I love it.

As this day comes to an end, I conclude that I’m blogging for 4 months with more than 40 posts. This is my first blog and there are a lot of things I don’t know and much more that I have to be accustomed to. However, I love it, over a short time blogging became something I enjoy.

Blogging wasn’t as hard as writing books. I announced two new books this month, Veteran convict and Red. Honestly, I don’t know what was harder to write.

Veteran convict is book about condition of man, his struggles and way to improve his current state. Premise of this non-fiction book is that man is a veteran convict, convict of himself. Now, time has come to be truly free, free from bondage of self. To do this, man has to apply spirituality, spirit economics and try to achieve erotic experience. I gave myself such liberty to redefine spirituality. Also, I coined the term spirit economics and I also redefined term erotic. It may see like I’ve done a lot of redefining here. I didn’t do it with bad intentions. I just wanted to express my understanding of these terms, their uses and their position in current culture.

What I had in mind is creating a thought and practice that actually can be used in everyday life and situations. I want to share what worked for me, and I’ll do that in simplest way possible. I want people to read this and apply it. Let’s leave academia, colleges, gurus and priests alone and let’s try do something for ourselves. Let’s make a difference where is it actually possible to make a difference. Veteran convict is about that change, step, light in your life that will actually help you. This book sheds light on you as a being. It talks to your true nature. Also, book consists of blog posts I wrote in Non-fiction  1 series, that I wrote this month. They are edited and rewritten at some parts to suit the book. There are also maxims on spirituality, spirit economics and erotic experience. You can get it here.

Red is a book of poems. It’s a part of series Palette: Primary colors. In my poetry I pursue a peculiar idea. I want my poetry to be about being itself. At some point I started putting more consideration in choice of object of my poetry. If poetry is an art, what is art about? What is true object of art? Could it be anything we envision? Are objects of art our lovers? Are objects of art those emotion we could never dream to silence? What are those, in their bare nature, their truth? All these objects are beings, and shown as beings they are represented in their truth. I wanted to do a poem books on colors. Colors have been somewhat underrated topic in poetry world. First book is about color red and its various manifestations in human beings. Poetry book consists of ten poems. You can get it here.

Anyway, it has been great writing these books. For March, there will be at least one poetry book and probably a non-fiction book. Expect even more blog posts in March. Also, I’m going to guestpost on other writer blogs. Anyway, be awesome. Also, don’t forget to download my free Ebook Introduction to spirituality in order to better understand my thought, Veteran convict and my future books.


Michael of Moon

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