Non-fiction 1.9

Erotic experience is the foundation of health of our being. Man should seek spirituality in order to ensure well-being, for erotic experience is the well-being itself. 

So far, I explained spirituality, spirit economics and now the time has come for the explanation of erotic experience. I don’t think that being spiritual and having values is enough. Something is lacking. As my thoughts linger on far shores of religion, its ocean whispers to me, that we are merely human. It’s hard to find a moment in time when man was truly himself. As we inspect times that passed, those we know as history, we see that man oppressed himself through different ideas. However, these ideas, religion and political practices were all invented by man. World is the reflection of the man. But, through history we can see that man sought his true form in external objects. Man is rarely himself. However, we contemporary people can see that mentioned thought and practices failed us. Humanity is finally waking up, the death of sleep is coming. Still, man needs to find his strength in just being a Man, enjoying what’s internally. What’s his greatest truth, his being. 

Spirituality is a key, spirit economics is the gate, but true release comes from erotic experience. As man engulfs himself in spirit, breaking the bonds of non-being, entering the gateway of spirit economics, something arises within. His very soul becomes more dedicated to mastery of subject he adores. Spirituality is mastery of the self through subjects we are deeply interested in. Greatest reward of spirituality is erotic experience. 

Erotic experience is the artfulness achieved through mastery. This is the best definition of erotic experience. The title of the term holds the very secret to its attainment. It’s an experience. Since the definition itself isn’t sufficient to explain the totality of experience, I’ll try to describe it. 

As man seeks mastery of self through what he loves, his being emerges. At first, there was a great protest of the self, as man is struggling to change and access his being. Through numerous trials man changes, unrevealing spirit economics within. Now, reinforced through confirmed effort of spirituality and insight in his being, man reaches the crossroads. Crossroads of choice. He can choose to be fulfilled with values, discipline and insight he reached. On other hand there is choice to seek erotic experience. 

When my thought was no more than a draft, I envisioned it as something all people could use and seek. I wanted to return man to his greatest right, his being. However, the more I wrote I realized that something within me changed. For now, I tried more and more to seek my own being, and within something risen. I found myself deeply woven in truth of myself. I sought art, one of being’s highest principles, next to philosophy, yet it was far. I continued writing. I couldn’t shake the feeling that the more I sought art farther I was from it. Some things are meant to be lived, not learned and art is one of them. Instead, I pursued the feeling art gave me. At first, it was as I was in woven in belly of darkness, I could feel warmth. I wrote more, but I tried so hard to keep art in my art. To write better poem than previous was. I didn’t want to be lost in the feeling. I wanted to create art. I tried harder, and darkness turned to milky fog of hinted encounter. My encounter with my own being. Beast that haunted me, one from which I sought to escape started transforming. My art was my chant, the hell pit that I was transformed into silent Moon of the plains. Further, I sought light of the Moon. I chanted from the other side of the Moon, forgotten one, one that is my own being. My beast became my Moon, my strength and I became Michael of Moon. Artfulness is erotic experience. 

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