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Aside from the role of values derived from being, spirit economics have another use. Spirit economics serve as basis for erotic experience. Spirituality and spirit economics serve to provide man with erotic experience. Erotic experience is the crowning moment of experience itself, for it allows man to be himself in totality of his being.

As man progresses through spirituality and with spirit economics, what really happens? Why would any person go through this ordeal? It is to achieve erotic experience. Erotic experience will be explained in next two articles. Now, I’ll explain how should be spirit economics be used to achieve erotic experience.

Spirit economics are not there to just ensure that you will live a better live. As I wrote here, spirit economics are values that assure well-being. But what is true use of spirit economics?

  1. To ensure achievement of well-being, and to keep it as a dominant state
  2. To prepare man for erotic experience

As man achieves well-being and keeps being spiritual, something else happens. His being changes and he changes. Still, he is far from erotic experience. Don’t be fooled, thought and practice written here don’t ensure that everything is going to be magically well. It won’t. It doesn’t work that way. My thought and practice are lifestyle, you have to live them, live thoughtfully. 

Spirituality is passionate attentiveness, spirit economics are values that are earned through spirituality. However, once earned, the values are not fixed principles that you should blindly obey. Spirit economics exist to remind you and question you about what you are truly doing with your life. If you change yourself through spirituality and achieve insight into spirit economics, you shouldn’t stop there. Spirituality has to be honest, has to be that first push that will become your final harbor. Spirituality is what you do and perform to release yourself from bondage of blindly being. As you plunge yourself in spirituality, you are going to change, and after you change for the first time you’ll learn values. However, values are and are not eternal. They are eternal for us, as we can make them so. On the other hand as much as you want to believe in your values, they are prone to destruction when they are clashed with the world.

Values are not meant to be believed in. Values should be practiced. Practice spirit economics, not just on yourself but you should see how your values integrate with world itself. Take a look around. Contemporary man has feminists, vegans, racists, sjw warriors, and other factions which are labels. They aren’t communicating. They are selfish. People should understand each other on ground of values, not beliefs. Purpose of spirit economics is to give you peace. Peace can’t be achieved, not with others nor with self if you don’t change and let your values be experienced by others. Experienced through you actions and word, but more actions than words. Being spiritual is far more than helping yourself. Look at the state of the world today. Wars, wars, poverty, more poverty, more degeneration and more poverty. We have to do something, you and I. And to be frank with you, this has nothing to do with no politics, no education or anything else, it’s common sense.

Spirit economics are there to be shared with other people. Let them learn what you learned, for they suffer as you did. Also, no matter how hard you change, you haven’t change a bit if you can’t live with the world. Not in it, with it. Help others, help them change and change your life. Your world will change. And then, you will feel a sudden embrace of what you could name holy. You won’t have problems any more. You will be free to experience what is erotic, what is man’s freedom.

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Michael of Moon

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