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I made my Ebook Introduction to spirituality available for free on several platforms. As my new Ebook Veteran convict coming out this month, I wanted for my readers to have a chance to have an introduction to my new book.

Introduction to spirituality isn’t as complex or hard to comprehend as Veteran convict. As its title states, it’s an introduction to my thought and practice. When I wrote the book, I didn’t know that it will become something I pursued passionately. At first I wanted to devise a thought and practice that will help people in that sense,  that they will be able to help themselves through work.

When I use the term work, I mean any activity through which man can be employed. I didn’t want to be so strict to use term work to activities related only to money. I find that work is very important to man. Work changes the man, because allows man to achieve what is known as mastery. Mastery is of trendemous importance to human beings. Mastery is the secret to understanding of our Being, unlike expertise which only provides knowledge to man. Critique of expertise can be found in the book.

What I wanted to share with you is a way to improve your life where it really matters. No matter what kind of books you read or media you consume, if you don’t change at the core, you’ll never change. I want you to teach yourself mastery, for mastery of any activity is mastery of self. But, even mastery isn’t truly enough.

For what do we even master activities and passions we tirelessly follow? What makes us do that? Maybe there is no answer to that question, but maybe that’s not what’s important. What’s important is that activity is what make you blossom. Seek that, seek to become flower, for you are a flower. Introduction to spirituality and Veteran convict both deal with these topics. It’s time for us to not abandon religion and such practices, but it’s time for us to transform. I have found a way to help myself, and I want to share it with you.

Seek mastery, for mastery is gateway to spirituality, spirit economics and that which is I defined as erotic. More on that in several days. For now, think about mastery, try to understand what it is, download a copy of book and prepare for two new books, Veteran convict and Red.

You can download the book in the links bellow.


Michael of Moon

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