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Misinterpreted self was an interesting article to write. I had an opportunity to share a more in depth explanation of my thought. Today’s article deals with term “spirit economics”. Finally, I get the chance to explain what I mean by this term. First, I’ll share a sentence from Misinterpreted self.

“Self and spirit are enhanced through spirituality and spirit economics are the values you employ upon yourself to assure your well being”

Being spiritual is a condition which enhances spirit economics. Spirit economics are values you employ on yourself to assure your well being. To further understand definition of spirit economics, we are going to define well being. First of all, we will switch well being to well-being. This switch, allows us to further redefine the term. While well being is well searched keyword, supported by myriads of books written on the subject, the term still remains undefined. As people write about well being, they don’t seem to have a proper understanding of term. Let’s listen to the word. It says, well being, being that is well. But what can be well in or on being?

As discussed in previous articles, being is hard or impossible to define. Somehow, we can’t stop talking about it. It is more plausible to try and understand what forms the being of man, and therefore, come out with an answer to eternal question. However, as I wrote before, I believe in urgency of being, for being must be applied and accessed by man. Also, I discussed that man can affect condition and state of his being using spirituality. When man is spiritual, he seeks to do well for his being. If he is truly spiritual, his being will be well. This would be well being. But, there is a problem. Contemporary man is swayed by the world, for he hasn’t settled within. He has no values, not on such level that would serve him as guiding hints, a shelter from life. Man can achieve well being, but it doesn’t amount to much if he can’t keep it. 

But why man can’t keep achieving well being? Why does man continues failing to finally be well in his being? He can’t achieve it because he doesn’t have principles to guide him through life and assure his well being. Well being must transform to well-being, well-being understood as being that is well. Well-being is achieved through spirit economics.

Spirit economics allows man to achieve well-being as a permanent state. What self-help books can’t touch is that which should be helped. Self-help can’t help a man change his being, because it doesn’t deal with being at all. It deals with consequences, not causes of problem in our being. Spirit economics have a different use. Spirit economics are used to ensure that you are always on the right track, because they aren’t used to fight consequences. They employ core values, values of your being.

As I wrote previously, man has to seek spirituality as a way of lie. As a way of accessing and nurturing his being. After man becomes spiritual, in that sense that he still does wrong but tries to understand his being, he can establish spirit economics. As man furthers develop spirituality he starts to sense and understand what are things or values he wants the most. Then, these values become guiding principles in his life, and based upon them he is ensured to remain spiritual. Example of this would be:

“A person is addicted to drugs. He can’t seem to help himself. Somehow, as he employs conventional means to fight drug addiction he always ends up relapsing. Why does this happen? Maybe, because what is meant by conventional means isn’t reaching core of problem. I would recommend a different approach. First, the person should battle the addiction if he’s still addicted. While he is fighting the addiction he should try to understand, why is he doing drugs in the first place? We can’t give an answer to that, because that answer is reserved to that man only. However, the best way to fight addiction is to spend time doing something of value to the person. To do that, person should employ the totality of his being in performing that task. Yet, spirituality as I see it, isn’t separated from everyday life. It’s the opposite. You should participate in society, interact with people, have job, have money and live a life you deserve. Spend your free time doing what really heals you, nurtures you. Let that activity change you for better.

Person should seek to understand what are the secrets of that which he is doing. As he dwells within the mastery, as he gives hours to the silence of his new birth, he will come to understand himself through work. Doing work is an amazing thing. The more you try to understand what you are doing more you will develop a stance toward being itself. You’ll become more inquisitive, you will be your own teacher. You will remain so as long as you are true to what you are doing. This is spirituality. Spirituality leads to understanding of values which allowed the mastery of work. When this happens, drug addict won’t be addicted, not even to idea of doing drugs, because he can actually change. He can change because his being is changed through work. From this, man will understand the values he learned and supported in this quest. These values, confirmed through spirituality are the values which man will not abandon, for they served him already. Each time he is about to relapse or fall, the man will remember his values and won’t falter. This is spirit economics, this is practical use of spirituality as I see it. ”

This is how spirituality and spirit economics work. You could my previous posts from non-fiction 1 series to have a more complete understanding of my thought. However, I see spirituality as an innate human ability, rarely utilized. Let’s change that. Man’s well being depends on his involvement with himself. People should seek that, you can do that. Spirit economics are there for you to empower yourself, to be the powerhouse of being. Seek that, change truly.

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