About writing #5

As I stated before in previous posts, here, here, here and here, I love writing. However, as I reach my 7 years in writing, writing can be painful sometimes. What makes it such a painful delight is that you can’t always write what you want.

For example, when I write poetry, I love to imagine images of what I’ll write. While I have a vivid imagination, I want for my poetry to be more complete. It has to be special. I stood against the Moon of the Plains. I saw its many, many truths and I refuse to be silent in thunder of its truth. 

I still remember as I stood against the presence of ever-being. I didn’t need glasses to see it. I took them off. It was February, the snow was melting already. You couldn’t make snowballs anymore. It was almost unreal. Full moon sang the silence which humans desperately seek. Moon invaded my eyes and I didn’t fight back. I didn’t want to, for I as I was, felt beauty.

To call Moon beautiful was unusual for me, for I never sought beauty before. A dying pond, stale land, under free sky, the wretched existence that I was. Yet, moon was beautiful. It was the first time I felt spiritual. The beast within was silenced, briefly. What I found beautiful in Moon was that it stood alone in the night. But what was the standing of the Moon?

The Moon stood in the sky of the plains. It reaches for both dimensions, earth and sky. But to whom does Moon belong? Earth or sky? It belongs to them both, yet it belongs to no one. Moon stands alone as a crossing between earth and sky, and it shines light of spirit in those who for the spirit seek. As for the sky, Moon never appears in front of people during the day. The day is the reign of Sun, which is the moving thirst of being. Sun is life. But what is Moon? Sky will never fully accept Moon, for its already has a ruler. Moon is the rebel. It defies the laws of sky. It comes out in silence, conquering the silent world. Unlike Sun, Moon’s light isn’t hurtful, burning. It’s is warm and gentle, it calls upon the eyes of earth to look at it, to seek its grace.

Moon reaches earth. As it crawls to the sky, its presence on earth increases. Suddenly, nobody is safe from the gentle reach. Its reach doesn’t hurt those who are touched by it. It heals them. As the Moon reaches top of the sky, the earth is willing to accept its many gifts. Yet, for what does Moon crawl the sky and reaches for earth? So it could shed its light.

Moon needs no one. It crawls the sky and reaches earth. This still doesn’t define the presence Moon holds over all being. For why am I being captivated by Moon? Why do I seek it?

Because of moonlight. Moonlight is presence of moon. The presence of sun is light itself, but light is more complex and different than moonlight. To carry light is a heavy responsibility. Moonlight is somewhat different. As the Moon invades the sky, it stands alone amongst the stars. Distant stars shine in glory of ever-being, for life and death are echoes of what can almost never be known. Stars are distant, but Moon is not. Human eyes can see it clearly. They seek it for its moonlight. Those of earth, its very salt, seek moonlight, for moonlight is similar to light, but it touches humans differently. It enables them to themselves within the night. It calls out the light of earth to reach what is light of sky. It enables human to be spiritual, for Moon is always spiritual in its bidding.

Moon is spiritual because it allows itself to be light, even if it means standing alone. The time of Moon is solemn, until it can crawls the sky and reach the earth. Enter the eyes of men, enable them to feel the presence of its undying spirit. It gives them strength to be spiritual. For Moon, in its light, is strength to never give up. For Moon never gives up.

I took its lesson to the heart that night. One, who doesn’t belong to both earth or sky, yet stands between them forever reaching for both is the one I truly respect. I wanted to be like Moon, and I became Moonborn. I sought the standing Moon always had. If I had to be myself, I had to accept that I’ll be between earth and sky, for maybe I will never reach either one. But my light could seek the man and stars alike, so I became spiritual. 

As for writing, the experience of moonlight left me with severe consequence. It made me question experiences I had so far. I was 16 at the time. Next time I wrote, I was focused to put the same presence that I had from moonlight in my writing.

What I find truly painful about writing is that like moonlight, I have to wait for my presence to be apparent in writing. It’s is hard to be always be light, yet I don’t give up. For even when I don’t see it, I know it will return. Such is the nature of Moon. Such nature I acquired. Be spiritual, you are the light you and world need. Just like moon be patient, write and do what you love, and great rewards will come to you. 

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Michael of Moon

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