Misinterpreted self

This article serves as an introduction chapter to article: Non-fiction 1.7 Spirit economics and its uses. Therefore, article Misinterpretred self is an introduction to spirit economics.

In previous articles, I wrote and discussed spirituality. Since my inception as a brand of thought, I promoted the idea of spirit economics. The combination of words is unusual. Well, we know what economics are, but the term “spirit” is always up to discussion. Yet, due to the mystification and dogma surrounding the term, we could never pinpoint what spirit exactly is. We say that we feel its presence, yet we never know what it truly is. I stood for countless nights against the ever-glowing Moon of the Plains. The Moon that gave me life. The light I sought. The light I found.

We all search for that light. I’m absolutely convinced we could call it light, presence, energy. I want to call it spirit. I want to take all the indefiniable, manifestations of human condition and thought and put it under one term. The resonance that all beings share, which can be only conveyed through the description of experience is spirit. Besides “self”, which I defined as manifestation of being, spirit is also a manifestation of being. Self is a reflection and introspection in our being, spirit is how we communicate and resonate with other which we deem self. Since, it’s impossible to live without others, we have to understand our self, but we can’t rely on our self alone. To take a measure of oneself is to take a meausure of the world. But to take a measure of the world is to take measure of oneself. Self or the world can’t be manifested without each other. They can’t constitute themselves without relating to each other. Now, world exists and shall exist as long as there are thinking beings. Physically, without us as a thought world could exist. Yet, if would be a formal, empty existence. World is a complex manifestation of human spirit. Spirit is how our self resonates with other objects of reality and other “self”.

Yet even if self is often regarded as that what thinks, what is the heart of subject, in practice, this is rarely the case. Contemporary people rarely think, because they are lost in age which main characteristic is expansion. People are having a problem keeping a sense of self in ever shifting world. With so much external stimuli, people are becoming weaker in segment of life that is rather important. People don’t think nowdays, not as much as they should. They forgot to think, because they forgot their being. At some point in last century, people placed more importance in fashion and fads, trends and seeked to acquire the self through external channel. Today, you can’t just love animals, you have to be anti fa, vegan and what not. You have to fulfill all these insane roles, just so other people can see that you are that. The approach that is a lost art, which finds the way to reinvent itself, is to question yourself. Ask yourself, what are you truly doing? Who are you? What are you?

Self is the gateaway of being. Through self, we can access the greatest secret of all. Who are we? But people forgot their being. What can they do to help themselves? They can use spirituality, as discussed here, here and here. But, in case of appliance of spirituality in the presribed manner, where spirituality ends? How can one know when he truly overcame his plagues?

And that is the right question. What is the measure of spirituality? World is. World and self are always standing against each other, creating eternal unity.  If one becomes more able, as to understand his being, conquer his plights and take care of others with most reasonable judgement he should be called spiritual. Yet, self takes immense pressure. Even here, whole stress is placed on self. Something is lacking. Real people can’t match their ideals. Ideals are ideals for a reason. They were never ment to be acquired, only longed for. In a merciless world, that changes rapidly, after spirituality, what is the actual shield of man? What can he use to protect his being, life, self? He can use spirit economics.

As I pointed earlier, greatest tragedy of human kind is the lack of interest in expedition of self. Subject or self, has been for too long a passive player in the game of life. We should use and apply self. That is a chepeast, prevention method to help larger groups of people. As our body is up to our use, so it’s our “self”. If we use the self in a correct manner, as an active part of us, not static recipient of being, world and events, we may actually change. ourselves.

So far, we have self, spirit and spirituality. Self and spirit are enhanced rhrough spirituality and spirit economics are the values you employ upon yourself to assure your well being. That’s why you should practice spirit economics. Spirit economics also, allow you tap into the spirit of world and of others. That’s how we can passively, by being ourselves, help others.

Condition of self has worsened with expansion of self-help culture. Self-help culture can’t help you in the long run. It’s missing something. It misses the right interpretation of term, self. Without understanding what self is, how can we even discuss helping the self? How can any person claim they are helping others, if they are only giving rough experience? Isn’t that the same as religion? Or any other practice which should help people but can’t define itself through its terms? When you have an illness of any kind, you go to a doctor. There aren’t many diseases doctors can’t define. When they define the disease, they help you, cure you, because they pinpointed what disease is. We are disease from absence of being in us. We should strive to retake what’s rightfully ours.

Self isn’t passive as it may seem. Its life depends on you. You have to make ir right for yourself. You should take time to understand yourself.


Michael of Moon

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