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This post is about practical use of spirituality. It shows how can spirituality be practiced and shares maxim from my upcoming book Veteran convict.

As I previously wrote, spirituality is passionate attentiveness practiced on our self as manifestation of our being.

First maxim is:


There is no such person in this world that can’t become spiritual. For all people are beings before else. As there is no bird that within its beak doesn’t feel the sky, so there is no such man that can’t touch his own being.

Our sense of being a being is with us from the moment we are conscious of ourselves. We can’t explain it, can’t define it. Nonetheless, the sense is with us. Spirituality has no bounds, other than we put on ourselves. Anybody can become spiritual. Before we agree on this, let me explain what that means:

Most people are struggling with sense of shame caused by their past behavior. While people may be bad, sometimes even demonic, this doesn’t mean they can’t change. Before your past misdeeds there is undeniable light within you. You just forgot about it. What you have to do, is to take a practical approach about your spirituality. While spirituality affects your being, your being is manifested in your action and doing. Therefore more “spiritual” actions you perform, more spiritual will you get. 

On other side, what would a spiritual action be? Previously it has been written a lot about spirituality, spirit economics and so forth, but we never defined spiritual action. If we can define what actions are spiritual, then we can actually practice spirituality. The problem with ethics and their evolution through history of philosophy and mankind is in the following. While it is possible to define ethics, maxims and morals, when it comes to action, can we understand what moral is? Is there any measure in our moral conduct on which we can place our faith, knowing it will never be wrong? How can we pass the obstacle that haunted ethics from its inception as philosophical discipline? Can we?

If we look at ethics as discipline we can see that ethics are mostly based on the value of thinkers that wrote those opinions and practices. While it worked for them, could we or could they expect those maxims to be valid through time? Probably not. We need a more secure basis for such thought. But where do we find this basis? If we consider external influence on the thought of previous thinkers, and we see that they maxims couldn’t withstand time, where should we turn to? What is the only thing that’s closely related to us and doesn’t change with times? What is one thing we all have and always will have? It’s our being.

Our being never falters to shine its light on us. We refuse to hear it. From his birth, man is born in certain spirit of time. The spirit of time has its characteristics under which we can declare it as spirit of time. From the moment we start to think, we are immediately acquainted with it. Therefore, when we ask ourselves what is spiritual, we are directly answering a question: what is spiritual in my spirit of time? However, being as it is, is universal. It’s out of time, and yet deeply woven into it. Therefore, the notion of good and evil, for example, never change. We can always discern what’s good and what’s evil. The problem arises, are we going to ask ourselves that? Spiritual actions, or actions drenched in spirit are those actions that support our well-being. Therefore, there is no such person, who under restless investigation on the matter of self, can’t understand what is good for his or being of others. 

Therefore, spirituality can also be viewed as ethical stance. It’s more universal and likely, more useful to regard spirituality as ethics, because this is the stance people can relate to. Even if they aren’t in religion or philosophy. Our being can actually be touched. Our thoughts, feelings and actions are the things that connects us to other people. We just have to choose to be spiritual. Therefore, by practicing our being, as a mean to our true needs, exemplified in questions from here, we can actually make a difference. That is true spirituality. Anybody can practice it. People can make their and life of others far better if they are spiritual. 

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Michael of Moon

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