Non-fiction 1.5

Previously, spirituality was defined as passionate attentiveness. Spirituality is defined this way in order to be used as a tool to redefine our and grow our being. 

The status of spirituality so far was that it is an experience or state of mind available to chosen few. While this interpretation of term spirituality is fine, I think we need to redefine it. What’s the value of something that can’t be used? How we, who live at much more accelerated pace than our ancestors can think in same manner they did? This won’t work. World is ever-change, it continues existing by constantly changing. However, human experience isn’t opt to encompass all dimensions of being, of existence. There is no such “universal genius” who could understand arts, sciences, practices and everything that is the wholeness of human experience. Even more so, we are at the point of technological and technical expansion, followed by transformation of culture never seen before. We are at peak of creation, but we, human beings are impossibly bland.

It could be said that among so many choices, most people choice is to choose nothing. Yet, in the age of internet, living a secular life is but a fantasy. Even if you never leave the room, probability is high that you will be online and that at some point, you’ll engage other people. We have to learn to cope, move and live with this world, because we are a part of it. Yet, if we are bound to never have a full understanding of things, who do we move through life? What’s gives us a solid base to start building our life upon? To really start changing? 

The answer to that question would be spirituality. Spirituality is defined as passionate attentiveness. To whom should we attend? We should attend to our being. If we still can’t define being, but we know that our “self” is the manifestation of our being, we could use spirituality on the self. Self is a composition of an individual, which has its roots in being itself. Therefore if I try to not just understand myself, but to help myself, my being will change. I, as a being will change. 

Without doubt, it could be said that I don’t understand or didn’t define being as term. One could ask what right do I have to make it operational and use it to pursue my own view on spirituality? Well, I didn’t define the key term, being, because I believe that you can’t give a definition of the term exclusively. However, I see a deeper, stronger need in people of all ages to change and better their lives. They said that Internet and computers took our souls, I think that was called laziness. The problem of philosophy and spiritual practices are that most of the time they can’t be practiced. We need to be able to actually use them.

Basically, we are thought. Even if we have our senses, in the end, everything is perceived though thought. Spirituality as practice, as I define it, should be used in order to understand what we really think, and therefore not alter, but transform our thought. Change our being. 

The thing we attend to is our being. This means we should attend to ourselves. To be attentive to our being we should understand it and approach it with care. We should use our time to understand ourselves. Ask question that really matter:

Why do I do what I do?

Why do I think this way, if I know that maybe I’m biased and may not be right?

Why do I insist on doing and participating in things which hurt me? 

What can I do to ensure a better life for myself in the long run? 

And so forth. I attend to myself because I have to feel and be better than I am today, so I can be on my best and enjoy life tomorrow. Yet, life is full of calamities and events that disturb us from the endeavor. We need to be passionate about it. Passion is unpreceded quality that ensures achievement of things you desire in life. The backbone of spirituality is passion. While passion can become a destructive principle in life, as we attend to our being, through passion, through raw force residing with us, something beautiful will happen. You are the ocean of possibility and experience. Invoke, sing the chants from the other side of the Moon and rise the sunken cities of your soul. Take what’s yours. 

Spirituality in itself is an experience. That’s why knowing passages from Bible or attentind a yoga class, or meditating in many forms of meditation will not make you a better person. Being better to yourself, but really thinking and measuring what’s in your best interest, not just today but in years to come and doing it is what will transform your life. No matter what books you pick to read, what guru, priest, self-help coach you go to meet, it won’t help. You got to help yourself. Only you can do it. You have to claim what’s your being, unleash it. That is right above all other rights you have. You are one person you should never give up on. 

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Michael of Moon

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