Custom poem, poem per order

I’m happy to announce that I wrote first custom poem, poem per order. I wrote it for one Terri Hubbard. Terri said she liked the poem, and I was really happy to be able to make her happy.

Custom poem, poem per order is for you. It’s about you. I noticed that are many men and women alike to whom nobody tells they are beautiful. Guys, this is wrong on many levels. To paraphrase Rilke, no man is so poor to not have anything to write about, or to be written about on. You are a being, a Moonborn before else. Never forget that. And you know what, maybe no one ever wrote you a poem, or painted you, but you know what, you deserve it.

If you want a poem, you just have to contact me on my social network accounts, or here on the blog in comments or on my email address After that we will discuss the poem. You can ask me to write anything. Want spiritual? You got it. Want it to be erotic? You bet you got it. Tell me what you want and how you feel and we will work it out. I promise you that there will be no issues over what you want, at all. Also, there are 14 freebies, after that is 3$ per poem or 7$ for 3 poems. I’m sorry about the fee, but I considered that it’s not too high, and I really want to make it as a writer. So any money boost is more than welcome. See guys, I have to win here, I have no other choice.

Anyway, Terri allowed me to share the poem I wrote for her. It’s title is On Daffodils, please read it, comment, give an opinion. Expect new articles today, new books dropping this month. A non-fiction book of maxims on spirituality, spirit economics and erotic, title is Veteran convict. Also there is a book of poems Red. Stay tuned. Here’s the poem:

On daffodils

Earth is solemn testament of time,
for time is the measure of rise and fall,
of being that is sole rival to the Sky

The morning dew allows Sun to transpire
in to a realm of what is, for its many inhabitants
are the tangibility of Sun

But proud is the Sun as it stands on top of Sky,
and when eternal seeks mortal, it requires a
deserving host, a body noble enough to carry
the burden of light

Worthy are those who seek beauty in silence
of ever-living light, so Sun picked flowers to
be its earthly host

Trees, plants, sands, all are in demise, for
those who reach high are smitten by lack
of understanding of those who cherish the
Earth, their word is their doing

Nature is brother of man, for both seek to
rest within the stars, but both rarely are deserving
to blossom through the night of Being, and thus
Sun loves flowers

Sun reaches down on the plains, as all being waits
in fear of the heavenly touch, within all that’s moving
one stands still

For humble are those that search for measure
of divinity not in eternal that will never come
but in a deed of day that must pass

Sun reaches down on daffodil, it raises its
little, yellow head and gives its face to the Sun,
so world becomes without void

Plains sing for light has come, and flowers whisper
of little daffodil, Sun’s host, its name, Terri

With love,

From Michael of Moon

to Terri Hubbard

Mention: Give it a try. Have a great day and remember, you are beautiful and you are worth it.


Michael of Moon

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