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Self is defined as manifestation of being. In previous article, the premise was set so that we can change our being. Spirituality is how we change our being.

Where do we meet this kind of spirituality? When we look at the religious figures, we deem them as noble, wise and higher beings than regular people. Why do they seem that way? What’s different about them? They are same as us, they are human, but their understanding of self, world and being is different than regular person’s is. How did they get to that point?

Often, people consider means by which one becomes spiritual, but they fail to recognize spirituality itself. Civilization came to a point of indulgence in humanities and sciences, but also to a point of neglecting them. The problem arises from the fact that we are more interested in practices than we are in understanding of why do we need these practices for. Why does one meditate? To become buddha? Is it possible to preserve the idea of buddhahood in 21. century? I don’t believe it to be so. This is a contradiction. Spiritual practices are included in mainstream life like never before in the history of mankind. You can go to any city, state or country and see numerous temples, yoga schools and other related practices. Yet, we were never far from our being as we are now. It’s not due to the lack of exposure to spirituality that we forgotten our being. We don’t understand spirituality, because we don’t understand ourselves. We almost forgot our being.

Why would anyone seek spirituality? It’s obvious that contemporary man isn’t bound to spirituality. He lives perfectly without it. Yet, people are still very concerned about the issue. What moves them is the fact that humans can’t escape their being. Humans are beings. The need to address our being is more primal than need for food, sex or shelter. We pursue these needs, because they are relevant to our being. Our being is forged through relation of self and world, but before that, self and world are percevied in certain manner due to our being. Each being is an individual. Therefore, we have perspectives and views that are unique. We are individuals. Spirituality is the way of exploring individuality, exploring our being.

Today, people are more concerned about fads than they are about experiences. By this, I mean that they want to be spiritual in order to title themselves so. Spirituality is defined as passionate attentiveness. If we examine the case of Buddha or Christ, we can see people that are involved with the world. If we scrape them of godly attributions, they are people of the world. What makes them special, and what makes people special is the deep understanding of human experience. Heroes of humanity are those people who acquire this understanding. Religious figure may or may not perceive of experience God. However, he is spiritual enough to understand how his condition relates to the world. He understands his being. 

Main problem with spirituality is that we are bombarded with it, but its explanation was never provided for us. Guru wants you to meditate, but what worked for him, may not work for you. You have to address your own being, and that’s why you need spirituality. As spirituality is defined as passionate attentiveness, it leaves us with a hint of what can we do with it. Instead of bringing metaphysics into picture, trying to dissolve a knot by which man was bound for thousands of years, why not concentrate on the use of being? If instead of trying to understand what being spiritual means, why not use spirituality to improve our lives?

The key here is hidden within the term use. Defined as passionate attentiveness, spirituality allows for access to our being. Its main use is to improve our lives. We are going to do that by being passionately attentive to our self, our world, our being. 

The problem with spirituality today is that its terminology isn’t redefined to suit the contemporary man. How can man seek emptiness in the age of internet? How can a man who  has an Iphone, lap top, internet access escape the world? He can’t. We can’t be alone anymore. Instead of seeking way to use methods of the past, we should seek methods to defeat our laziness. It’s up to us to take action if we want to better ourselves. In order to do that we have to understand our being. Spirituality, as passionate attentiveness is the way to do so. 

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