Non-fiction 1.3

Being is the basis of self. These terms correlate with each other. To be exact, these terms can’t be verified, physically or mentally without each other. 

Self is the I through which we govern ourselves. Yet, self is based on our being. Our being encompasses what we are, how we manifest ourselves and who we are. Self is the product of our being, yet our being can’t be verified without sense of self. Self is the manifestation of our being. We can still have a sense of self, without understanding our being. As philosophy progressed, the idea of soul was swapped for idea of self. I, as a thinking being looks back on thousands of years of human thought and understand that I still can’t don’t understand what being is. The fault comes from struggle to understand being in the means of its beginning, existence and even end. Contemporary man struggles to go out of his being. He finds external sources that guide him, never reflecting on what’s within him. Who can blame him though? It’s hard to define what being is.

Even more so when we see position of philosophy and humanities today. With what they even deal? As we try to understand the pulse of the world, what is its whispering? There is so much conflict, so much dissension and yet what do we do? We can’t understand each other, because we can’t understand ourselves. But we can make it. There is a way.

As the self is manifestation of being, therefore as self thinks, feels and acts so does the being. If we correct or change the self, our being will change. Yet, self isn’t vague as being. We can access self, but how do we access being? If being isn’t as tangible as self is, which is not, how do we operate with it? An answer would be, through spirituality.

Civilization has to move forward. We, human being must move forward. We will never define being properly. Some things weren’t ment to be defined. But we are aware of it, we can use it. We can recognize our self. The self consists of thoughts, feelings and action we have and partake through course of life. Yet as we ask ourselves, why do I feel or think certain way, we hit a wall. What are we asking actually? Why do I think the way I think?

Then again, I can’t define thought. What can I do? If I have such trouble defining these terms, while I have to live and exist, how can I overcome this hurdle? 

What if I can’t define these terms? What can I do? If I take that self is manifestation of being, maybe by using the self, I can understand my own being. I didn’t solve history of philosophy in one article, but I have a start. At least I have access to my own being now. Now, as I can understand why I act, think and do what I do, I have to ask the following? Can I change my being? Can I change? Yes I can. How do I do that?

I do that through spirituality and spirit economics. In my first book Introduction to spiritualityI defined spirituality as passionate attentiveness. In short we should tend to needs of our self, our being. 

In next article I will further discuss spirituality and its implementation on being. Also, don’t forget about february announcement and custom poems I’m writing. Currenlty there are 15 open slots, so order people!


Michael of Moon

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