On problem solving

I search the web a lot. Especially if the search is related to spirituality, philosophy, poetry and art topics. What I find fascinating about our spirit of times is that we like to apply things. Theory isn’t just theory anymore. In most cases it has to be applied, used. For example, psychology came into limelight as self-help industry exploded. People were out of their minds with these ideas that someone wrote on problems they faced daily. As the industry expansion began, self-help as a niche started dominating all sorts of topics. From its beginnings mostly based on how to achieve happiness, or deal with psychological problems to debloating your stomach, self-help came a long way.

The books are widely read, but what’s interesting is that the titles are diluting. They don’t have the same composure and structure. There are literally titles on a variety of subject that will make your head spin. Before I started this blog, I worked as a freelance ghostwriter. I wrote self-help books for money. I won’t reveal anything, but the experience left me in shock. However, I don’t want to slender anyone, or any authors. I want to talk about missing component these works need. That’s problem solving.

The work goes like this. After the job is discussed and settled, you and your client discuss TOC. TOC stands for table of contents. Ir provides you with a blueprint. Blueprint from which you create an outline of your book. What they wanted the most was for work to be in a friendly tone, to empower the reader. What they missed in all empowerment was that the reader is human. Human beings are fragile. If they could just cope with what’s bothering them, they wouldn’t pick up a book. What these books lack is a realistic outlook on their readership. You can’t just write someone what to do and expect them to try harder when they fail. Especially if they are dealing with a great problem on their own. The writers easily forget that most of the people lack confidence. Confidence can be defined in numerous ways. In its defining, we could consult truck drivers knowing any road, pick-up artist with practiced manners and talk, swag boys looking to kill some time, professors teaching classes and they could all define it. For the purpose of the article, we’ll define confidence as an ability to be comfortable with yourself in any enviroment. This isn’t default state for people. Confidence may be natural, but it’s an ability that is commonly earn.

The books capitalize on the fact that they understand that people lack confidence. When people are down on themselves, they are likely to do whatever they need to feel better. But then, these books are doing more in describing the problem. Human experience is detailed and complex that is hardly beliveable that you can create a blueprint for solving human problems. These are not conditions of the body. You can’t use “medicine” on them. Human beings are called human beings for a reason.

We are human, but before that, we are beings. Being a being is very special. We can’t pinpoint the term. History of philosophy allows us a glimpse in the brilliant minds of people who tackled the issue. Yet, many were close, but in the end, they couldn’t define it. Maybe the problem is that you can’t define it. Maybe we are too young to do so. Maybe the question can’t be answered. One thing is certain. We are aware of this, that we are beings and that we are human. So what if instead of pursiing a theory that can’t become practice, we pursued what suited our being the most?

We are all aware of our being. We can call it whatever we like, but in a sense we know that we are beings. The fact is that both you and I have a special understanding of myself that no one except me can comprehend. Even more, if I don’t try hard, I won’t understand it, myself. Again, I’m constantly pressured by myself to pursue certain thoughts, values, goals in order to fulfill my sense of self. Due to this need, I noticed that sometimes I get side tracked. I don’t do what I want to do, what’s actually good for me. I want to change, but how do I change myself?

The self-help niche is great in describing and mythologizing the problem. Not solving it. We need a more direct route to ourselves. We need to understand ourselves. The purpose of Chants from the other side of the Moon is to show that things can be different. I implore you to try spirituality as I view it. Don’t run away from yourself. Be yourself, enjoy yourself. You are not sick, you are not an alien. You are just human. Don’t try to be what you aren’t, you’ll waste your whole life. Instead, reconnect with yourself. Ask yourself, what do I need to do to be truly happy, to truly enjoy myself? You’ll be surprised. That’s spirit economics.

Yet, happiness is a monolith of the niche. You have to be happy, happiness is everything. You have to walk down the street with you big, Xanax smile, and acid-rocking shiny eyes, because that’s happiness. What’s even more interesting that happiness is a topic so much people write on, you could fill libraries with books just on the topic. What’s more shocking to me is that the books never define the terms they operate with. If I don’t define spirituality, a central term in my writing, how will you understand me? How we will debate the idea? How will you try it even, if you don’t know what I meant by that? Next, the question that arises in me is, if I don’t know this, how will I understand the values writers promotes in their books?

If they just wrote be happy, enjoy, what does that even mean? If I was happy, I wouldn’t need a book. For me, erotic is the value of contemporary man. The man of our age is doomed to inertia of inadequate thought and action. People are not saying we can be better. The narrative is everything is bad, internet ruined us, all went wrong I want to have random hook ups, get stomach debloated, do yoga, be vegan, read a book once in a year and feel miserable. Why instead, we don’t cater to our being? Let’s be erotic. Erotic, for me, means a complete, indulgence in the delight of self. You are very special, there is no one like you. But you aren’t a solitary being. You need others. What you need is to find a way to be erotic, to enjoy yourself and find others like you. Let that sink in. Instead of always running, looking for what’s so wrong about you why not just enjoy what beautiful in you? You deserve it. Enjoy yourself.

You are worth the delight of finding out that you are a honey-tree. The world is a better place with you laughing in it. Please, don’t forget to show your teeth when smiling. You are born of Moon and Sun, you are the light that can shine through.


Michael of Moon

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