Hi guys!

First I want to thank you all who regularly read the blog. You make me really happy and you are awesome. I love to see the bell button in upper right become gold-yellow with dot on top. It makes me happier than a golden retriever.

I wanted to share something with you. From now on you can follow me on Pinterest. From tomorrow, I’ll post images there with short poems and quotes written by me. I really like the variety of images there.

Also, I “redecorated” my blog a bit. From now on, you can purchase my Ebooks more easily. I added hyperlinks to the stores in description on my home page, and those hyperlinks will be included in the text bellow the article.

Again, I would like to remind you that I’m writing custom poems, poems per order. There are still 15 freebies, which means that if you order a poem from me. I want to write poems however they suit you. Do you want a romance poem for your loved one? No problem, just slime some relevant information about them, what do you love about them etc. I’ll write you a poem. Are you feeling underappreciated, do you not feel beautiful? I’ll show you that you are beautiful. Every person is beautiful in some way. I think it would be interesting if someone ordered an erotic poem. I wrote a lot of those and I would like to try writing for a total stranger. This business will be private, your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone else and your annonymity is guaranteed. However, it would be great if you wrote me a testimonial. I love writing poetry and this challenge I really want to take. Hope you give me a chance.

February is going to be busy. Stay tuned for new posts on Veteran convict and Red. An avalanche of content is coming in.


Michael of Moon

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can get my free Ebook Introduction to spirituality on several platforms, here, here and here. Aslo, you can apply for custom poem and check the sample here. Subscribe and stay tuned for new Ebooks, gifts, and titles. Be spiritual. 


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