Non-fiction 1.2

Veteran convict is set of maxims for better, more productive and healthier life. The title might appear strange. I see it as a perspective of being that plagues contemporary man.

We are all convicts of our desires. Man is constantly challenged to work out his needs with what’s socially acceptable. Dealing with stress, lack of acceptance and oppression, man is convicted through out his life. People convict people for being themselves. The oppression goes far back as man itself. Yet, man never seems able to escape it. Why do we even feel oppressed? 

The oppression is more forced by ourselves than by our peers. To us, it seems that the society and our peers question our choices on day to day basis. Do people even care? Going head to head with their own struggle, are the people in position to even judge others, let alone interfere and maim their lives? This hardly seems the case. Why do we even care?

Probably, because we can’t escape into the solitary life that absolves us from thought of others. However, even if live life so secluded so it doesn’t include others, would we escape from judging ourselves? We wouldn’t. Man is his own worst enemy. Instead of fighting the world, why don’t we make the peace with ourselves? More than society, man has a problem with himself. Society is built on contradictions and if contradictions didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be society. Politics exist solely on contradictions. Contradictions are the basis of life. They are not the problem. We are. We can’t escape other people’s thoughts and we shouldn’t. As they have right to engage in negative outlook to our perspective, they aren’t endangering our lives. They aren’t oppressing us, they are having an opinion, just like anybody else. Even more so, what if their opinion couldn’t hurt us if we don’t allow it to?

The state of man’s being in contemporary age is that he’s distanced to his own being. People try to build themselves through labels and categories irrelevant to their being. Feminism, socialism, veganism and other isms aren’t what shapes a person. They are just labels through which is easier to engage in problems that are of special interest to a person. The labels, however, aren’t what’s in the man’s being. Our being is almost forgotten. This isn’t proverbial “adding salt to the wound”. Let’s view it as a starting point.

Why man doesn’t appreciate his being? In this day and age man is more interested in others and his relation to them, than he is interested in himself. Our being is like a flower. It requires nursing, a task which is hard. But how does a person access their being? Being isn’t tangible, in a sense in which you can touch it or taste it. You can feel it though. Man can access his being through spirituality. In this body of work, spirituality is defined as passionate attentiveness. You can read more about it here. Spirituality, defined like this, let’s move from metaphysical point of its mainstream interpretation. It lets us use it for our own well-being. However, to attend to our being, “better ourselves”, we have to engage our being using spirituality. Due to the nature of metaphysics, we were slaves, veteran convicts of our being. The moment is ripe to change ourselves, especially since we can become anything. Ours is to think, but even more, ours is to do. The change isn’t coming from external source. We are the change. We have to do it. But, if we live the metaphysical field of our being, with what are we left exactly? How do we explain who we are?

The thing is to crush the old view of yourself and build a new one. Earn it. It’s time to move from just thinking to doing. This is the most important step of spirituality and change. Attend to your being and miracles will follow. Human beings are bound to metaphysics, eternally. They can’t never escape it, but they can mold it as they see fit. You are a very powerful entity, able to change who you are. You are the power. You are the change. 

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