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Veteran convict will be my most serious book to date. In order to write it, I had to get serious too. Not the kind of serious you would expect from a goverment official investigating alien related tax frauds. I believe I matured a bit. I experienced spirituality.

You can read all about it on my blog. Post after post, I wrote about spirituality. But what was this strange phenomenon? Could spirituality even be explained? Could one person who became spiritual explain spirituality to 0thers? What is the measure by which we can take into account if a person is spiritual or not?

Questions like these bothered for a long period of time. Can one even answer them? I guess. However, maybe we, as civilization came to a point where we don’t need or don’t care enough for divinity. The plague of metaphysics haunted the eastern practices since their inclusion in western society. Since their inception, eastern practices were in close relation with religion. Mindfulness, well-being and other self-help themes are of religious origin. Therefore, the nature of self-help practice is that of religion. I want something else. Religion and self-help never helped. Self-help and religion give you false control. You have to believe to heal. The practices of self-help and religion aren’t guarantee for your healing. The notion is to believe in external source of power that will grant you absolvation from what’s bothering you. Here. the metaphysics kick in reminding you that you can’t understand God or even your soul. The entities you are trying to understand are not understandable in their understandableness . They are always so close, yet so far. I hate this.

The problem didn’t pop up today or in the previous century. The problem was always there. We always had a need to implement an external source of mystic power that is guiding force in our lives. We don’t want responsobility. That’s about it. No matter what they choose to believe in, human beings are bound to accept responsibility for their lives. Spirit economics is about taking that responsobility.

Why does taking the responsobility for our actions is so hard? Is it because then we have to admit who we are? What do we secretly crave? What makes our heart race, our breath shallow? Being responsible is getting to know who you are. No metaphysics can do as much in 100 years as 1 year of action can. But, we should also not forget that we can’t escape metaphysics. I’ll deal with that one in later posts.

I’ll set those maxims in order to help you take action, not just think. Spirituality in my opinion shouldn’t be based around sitting on a rock contemplating transcendenta qualities of  reality. It should be about doing. We, not as civilization, but as human beings have this ability to change. We should capitalize on that. I mean it. Let’s think about it for a second. Here we have an entity, organism that can think, build and adapt to almost anything. Being that conquered numerous hurdles to just continue existing. A being whom created sciences, arts, literature, medicine and yet, a being still plagued by its internal struggle. Most people I know live in hell. Not because they are in some unavoidable life circumstances, but because they are immature. Spirituality as I see it, is about maturity.

We have so much pills, practices and institutions that are helping and catering to small amount of people. It doesn’t work. You just have to focus yourself on change and take action. It’s time to understand that only you can help yourself. You just need a push in right direction.

In conclusion, here is what it all means: You can’t never escape metaphysics in any sense of the word. Our brains are wired this way, but you can act more and change. When your actions change, so shall you. In the end, here is the first maxim of Veteran convict:


Will is the paintbrush of life


Michael of Moon

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