February notice

February is going to be busy month for me. I want to drop two books. One non-fiction and one poetry book.

I decided that it’s time to create a book that will sum up the idea of spirituality, spirit economics and erotic. I will publish the book under title “Veteran convict”. For me this has a special meaning. I believe each man is a convict of his needs and hungers. Such is the nature of man. Man can only learn to behave in society, as he is always prisoner of his own self. Such thought pervaded my opinion on human nature for a long time. After a lot of investigation, I came to a point of understanding that things may not be like that. I don’t think we can truly change our nature, but we can guide it, channel it. That’s what spirituality is for. After that comes spirit economics as a way of self-managament and erotic as the final release of human nature. “Veteran convict” consists of maxims which help people understand and reach this state of being. If anything this will be a practical guide for anyone without prior knowledge or deep understanding of philosophy, religion and other related practices. Also, I’ll be giving free samples of maxims and explanations for them, here, on my blog.

The other book is going to be a poetry book. I love poetry and I already wrote in quantity worth of years. Now I want to see it reach a wider auditorium. Currently I’m working on “Pallete”, a bigger volume of poems. The first book of the series will be titled “Red”. I already shared some poems from it. I want to explore the idea of pallete of colors not being fixed set of values, but what we interpret it to be. For example, red is an aggressive, dominant, passionate. What if red represented different values? I want to explore that.

And for the end. I’m starting an action. I’m going to write custom poems for anyone who orders. If you want it to be for you, that’s cool, if it’s for your wife, daugther, son, friends, I’m cool with it. First 15 are free giveaways, after that poems will be priced at $3 for one and 7$ for three.

It’s going to be a busy month.


Michael of Moon

You can follow me on Twitter or Facebook. You can get my free Ebook Introduction to spirituality on several platforms, here, here and here. Aslo, you can apply for custom poem and check the sample here. Subscribe and stay tuned for new Ebooks, gifts, and titles. Be spiritual. 


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