Poetry 1.1

Poetry had an unique impact through my life. Simply, it didn’t just change me. It changed how I view life. What poetry allowed me was to tap into myself. I got to know myself through poetry. Through poetry I found spirituality.

What really happened? I had so much to tell. Yet, if I did, what would that change? Did it really matter? Even if the whole world knew my tragedy, even if they listened, how I benefit? I don’t. I realized this truth when I was 16. Actually, most people never get through this. 

I pursued the idea of spirit economics in order to reach silence. Silence I desired so much. I was a real loudmouth when I was younger. I didn’t understand that I shouldn’t share with all people. Today, a lot of people know about my past actions that I’m not proud of. In retrospective what bothers me the most was inability to understand others. Actually, to understand a value of a listening friend. People who actually listened, listened me for hours rambling about my past.

I didn’t understand that these people listened because they had time to. They weren’t bothered with problems I had. They either didn’t meet with the problem or simply didn’t know what to say. While it’s ok to share with others, why not embrace their love instead of our pain? Why won’t we choose love instead of suffering? I asked myself that.

Again, in retrospective my life is a graveyard of friendships, from which solemn flowers bloomed. I have a few friends today. Genuinely, I want to take care of them. Knowing how I pushed my friends away with my tirades of low quality life, I had to give my new set of friends something else. They meant something to me. Friendships are the gardens in which Moon, our soul shows it’s true nature. The light we give to others is what they will give back. How could I repay my new friends?

Since I was involved with creation of spirit economics, I wanted for my gift to have such mark. It had to be something in which my spirit and heart will show. I decided to write poetry for my friends. This was one of best decisions I have ever made. Not only did my friends knew how much I cared for them. I gave them something special. All those hours I wasted talking about my suffering weren’t worth seconds expressed on their faces. Happiness, tears, love, we shared something. I just decided to be spiritual, and use it to create beauty. That’s spirit economics. I used to write through spite, not love and beauty. I don’t do that anymore. I do it to enrich myself and others. You could do the same, you are Moonborn. 

I used poetry to find this strength within, to reach it and explore it. It doesn’t have to be poetry or art necessary. To be honest, most poetry and art you can read or see isn’t art at all. Artfulness in art is within the act of creation, not the work itself. The work just shines of the intention of its creator. So, to reach spirituality through work, I would suggest:

Let yourself go – Tap into what’s bothering you. Let it burst out in what you love to do. Any hobby can become art. Never let others tell you otherwise. Never. The object of spirituality isn’t to achieve greatness of Buddha or Christ. It’s to enjoy yourself. You are beautiful, you just have to see it. You are the same as Moon. Maybe, others can’t see it, but your time to shine will come. 

Tap into it – If you write, don’t write about your feelings. Whatever you do, don’t do it in that feeling or mood. For me, wrath was my biggest problem. I still fight it, but I don’t let it shape the way I do things. Think of your negative, dominant emotion as a force. Don’t collide with it, for you are sure to crash. Be smarter, guide it, let it be your power. You are not in the control. You are the control. Accept your responsobilities and be awesome.

Never give up – No matter what your interests are, never give up on them. If you have a positive thing in your life, pursue it. Learn about it, learn how to improve and even how to monetize it. But don’t ever give up. Your true worth is much more than a gutter you may be in. It’s so much more than a failed relationship, or failed business. Life ends when you stop fighting. Never stop. Even if others don’t believe in you, I will. I believe you can change, for I have changed. You are Moonborn, you can become anything.

Also, I have something for you. It’s another poem by me:

Red #2

Talk to me like no one is
listening, your voice, waves
thick as volumes of being

I wish so hard to escape you,
yet you are always there, I search,
restless searching for rivers divine,
yet there you are, my well, poison undrained

Hands are those who produce worlds, and
this is well known in caress of woman and man

But beastly is my crave, as my eyes seek the Moon,
will it ever tell me why am I earth, leaf and dust,
is this nature, for I am ready to rot and die,
reborn as spring

All is futile in this castle I’ve built, and every
portrait is a nightmare, painted by willing touch

For a man becomes a slave, when quest for good
in him comes undone

Red teaches by devouring

When man eats he
is more mouth than he is himself, so I’ll stop breathing,
even when I know your sleep is my death

Never forsake me though, I’ve built this castle on
your spine, for wrath was my warmth when gardens
of friendship embraced winters over me

Never forsake me, I’ll take you Red, for you are a bridge
to what I want to become

Enter my hands, for you are both rats of silk and
flowery touch, man is a coloring book of vice
and virtue, soon, I’ll let you teach me to be the one

Every night is a slow bleed, and carcass I am that
won’t turn to stone, I wished to be free, but you
are freedom Red

In my patience, you’ll be transformed, changed,
gone, Red, you’ll make me free someday

Someday, you’ll let me be


Michael of Moon

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