On poetry

Poetry is a great love of mine. The spirit economics started through poetry. I can say it was the gate from which I established my views on spirituality, and created spirit economics from.

It’s special to me. Poetry gives me an insight in my soul and the world together. I love to write about people and their conditions. Human beings are complex universes of opposite thoughs, feelings and actions. Often, we advocate for person being good or bad, based on their act alone. We never reach out to understand their inner being. While some actions have no explanation that we can account for as good enough, we can use that. Tap into it. Maybe we shouldn’t understand them.

I see spirit economics as a great way to deal with issues that we and our contemporaries deal with. We can choose soo much, yet we don’t know what to do. We are confused since we don’t have to fight nature, institutions and society like we used to. It could be laziness. On the other hand, there are some things we can’t explore. At least, we can’t make it into facts and evidence. What do we do with it?

We can’t fight with every feeeling and need we encounter. Maybe you love being destructive. Perhaps, it makes you happy.Well, don’t destroy others. Use that to your advantage. Write, create, do art. Be art, be spiritual. Take a new approach to life. Create, don’t destroy. Every human being is so potent, overflowing with stories, spectacular phenomena of inner being, seasoned with experience. The experience is so important because its interpretation makes you who you are. Spirituality and spirit economics help you understand that. Help you understand who you really are. Better yourself, become Moonborn. Be a great person.

Here is a poem I wrote. For me, sexual hunger was a rather destructive force. It made me do a lot of bad stuff. Have sex with people I didn’t want, or shouldn’t have. After that, the unnecessary situation sprung and back I was. I was back to my destructive thoughts and needs. Now, I know better to respect myself, and to use this eroticism. To use it to help others feel better about themselves. In fact, as a part of my own spirit economics I want to write poetry for you. For a small fee, I’ll write a poem about you. I want to make you feel beautiful. You just don’t know it.

Red #1

The rose of youth blossomed in
your chest, soon, you will be alone

The hunger grows at the sea, it’s waves
are silent reminders of trenches that
knew your feet, yet will never beckon
you to return

In pursuit to record history, hallways
will be the mirrors of your solemn walk

The hunger is the sea, a voice of great rage that
only a chosen few can hear, its shell being
the graceful grasp of hands we easily learn
to love

Yet never should a man despair, leaving
the hunger, spirit is in what he does

Red provokes him, ties him, but he is
not undone

It’s to be embraced, tasted, long night
dissolving in horizons, one from which
you can’t never get away

The lick of metal can be transmuted to
moonlights, as long as you chant from
the other side of the Moon

For tulips can never reach the Sun as
your touch can, for you are a beast and
a flower, and your red is nothing to
be ashamed of

Red makes you pretty

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