Fiction 1.4

I thought a lot about the course my book is going to take. I love sci fi, but I also have other interests. I love politics, philosophy and society. The book also got to have erotica. This is a lot already. How do I manage this? 

I’m firm believer in expression. The world existed for some time before I was born. However, how I view the world is merely my representation of the wolrd. So, as I wrote in the previous parts, spirit economics and writing are inseparable. After all, spirit economics and my spirituality were born from writing. 

When I take such tropes, themes and topics, I have to consider how will I mash that up? And then again, what’s with my style of writing? These are serious questions. I grew up on anime and comic books. Later on, I got interested in poetry, essays and classical literature. This is a good basis for writing so far. But how do I use it? The spirit economics are governed by simple principle of not buidling for the outside world, but for your inner world.  What you feel right for you is what you should do. Unless, it hurts other people. Luckily, fiction won’t hurt anyone.

I write about spirituality as a way of conductment, lifestyle really. I noticed that my life actually consists not of things I choose to do, but how I do them. The same goes for my writing. I want that story. So, I will find the right measure to succeed in my endavours. I will introduce it step by step. In the first chapter of Contemporary portraits, we have character introduction, action, magic and sex. This doesn’t sound too promising. But, no matter the basis for story, the story itself isn’t sealed by the beginning. Like everything, an end is what seals, what completes. Beginning can be anything. It’s how you do it and end it, it’s what’s important. That’s spirituality and spirit economics at work.

My characters won’t have such grand fate to uncover spirituality at the first stop. In fact, I’ll try to paint them human, to make them do wrongs and learn from them. I have to accept that in order to save the world they are living in. After all, who really cares about the world? World is a nest of ideas, and we are the ones who’s choices can be the birth of paradise bird. The world is and will be moved by our views and ideas of it. That is why spirit economics and spirituality are more important than ever. 

In my story, John, the main character will fall and rise. But he will be human even when fighting aliens, or having sex with space priestess. I want to show that tendency, that people not through words and actions alone, but through attitude can change the world. Let’s embrace ourselves, let’s  be ourselves, but be the best we could possibly be. Let’s be spiritual. Let’s change through fighting what’s evil and wrong in us. Let’s give us a chance. That’s spirit economics. What’s best about it, is that you can try it today. Go and get it.

Here’s a sample of Contemporary portraits:

Is a man entitled to anything other than to crystallize or dissolve? Man is not of permanent state. He only has these, two states from which he can never escape. At the peak of crystallization a thought pervades the man, thinking he is able to understand and hold on everything he is. However, the chaotic nature of life itself proves him wrong. Man can never know what will unfold next. What’s polarizing about human beings is the fact that they can switch the states. What’s makes art out of life is the mastery of the states. John woke up from meditation. Meaning took a vacation. Blue is the most aggressive color there is. No doubt, sky is the violent entity. Donald entered the room.

P.S. What do you think is spirituality for contemporary age?

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