Fiction 1.3

Soon, the first installment of “Contemporary portraits” will be available for sale. I can’t wait. My sweet, sweet labour shall bear its fruit. What I love about fiction is how it portrays our innermost tendencies.

In Contemporary portraits there are and will be sex scenes. They will range from couples sex, multiples, orgies and what not. It’s not like I would do all this stuff. But it’s great to be free to write about it. As more as I write, a question similiar to a distant star, beckons me. Why does it frees me to write like this?

I mean, we are talking about space priestess, goddesses, magic, sci fi, sex and interplanetary politics. Am I totally weird, perverted even? Am I a sick person? Hell no! I’m not if I use this side of my personality as my first investment  in spirit economics. So what’s happening here? First, I guess I’m perverted. Who isn’t really? People try to be prudes, and they are because we can’t peek in their heads. We just want to be too normal on the surface, so we won’t be shamed by our peers. I beg to differ. My main character, John, feels the same way. He chooses to embrace who he is. He does that in a peculiar twist. But why do we have this shame?

In a honest discussion, I can’t say that shame is socially imposed. Who can shame me? Who? The guy on the street, the people who openly don’t like me? My enemies? People who pretend to be friendly but aren’t? Drop that. I don’t need it. I want to be free. I will be free only when I accept myself and know that I’m right in what I’m doing. To be right in what I’m doing I have to consider that my action don’t harm other people. To me, that’s morally sound. People may comment my sexual behavior, social behavior or other actions I took in the past. So what? Who are they to judge me?

I don’t care about them. While they talked thrash, I worked. With spirit economics I took my inner pervert and put him to use. What I was ashamed of in the past was not this “pervert”, but me enjoying being that person.  When I write, I can take these feelings and transmute them to writing. Suddenly, what was my nightmare is a laugh for other person. My sexual fantasy is what someone will masturbate to. I love that. It’s awesome. It’s all possible due to spirit economics and spirituality. 

As I said, I took the pervert and put him to work. The pervert has passion. His hunger is immense, he can’t resist it. That’s passion. Now, I’ll understand that, be attentive to my insecurites and hunger. Let them explain themselves through writing. However, it doens’t need to be an art, like writing. Spirituality comes from your actions. It’s in how you perform them. I’m simply guiding myself to a point where I can free myself from negative feelings. Without the stress, I’m already a better man. Always invest in your inner pervert. If you do, amazing things may come your way. Just like it happened to John in this sample.

John finished the Playstation formation. What a surprise! First time since he got the job, the cookie wasn’t under the doormat. There was no cookie! Something crept up. His spine melted, he was happy. What a glimpse at the unknown. Life moved forward. In his chest was a singing bird, whose voice was winter’s agony and birth of spring. If he was honest, it resembled the coming of Communist in Berlin, with less blood and more pathetic. John set out to find Mrs.

P.S. I hope you feel good about yourself. What do you find to be perverted in 21 century?


Michael of Moon

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