Fiction 1.2

I was stuck whenever I tried to write fiction. I had so many let downs and was down because of many people commenting on my writing. This was years ago. But the pain still stuck. The wound didn’t close proreply. Still, I suffered. Yet, I knew, believed. Every night the Moon glanced over the sour land. The land rejected Moon, over and over again. I drank moonlight, to be born anew.

I hate giving up. I don’t deal with that. When I want something, I go and get it. The obstacle for me as in many cases was I, myself. I had to defeat myself. Words wouldn’t come out. I had to have a plan. That’s where spirit economics kicked in. The problem with writing is summed in following:

I want to write, but I can’t. How do I write again? 

First, I located the exact problem. I fear failure, rejection and loss. This is natural. I don’t have confidence to pursue this. I try to see the sum up the problem to most basic premise. If I add detail to it, it will be much harder to deal with it. I want it to be one problem, that will include the wholeness that is my personality with both positive and negative qualities. Spirit economics is based on self sincerity. You can’t expect to do anything right if you lie to yourself. Now, I knew my problem. How do I solve it?

Let’s remember one thing. When I say solve, I mean solve. Solve, at least for me stands for developing and implementing a way of thought and action to cancel out previous state or action. I want that. I want to write for years to come. I have to face myself. I have to take action no matter what. 

What I do next is rather simple. I just write. Day after day I write. I edit and polish and write more. This will give me more confidence and will actually give me insight in my writing. Especially when erotica comes in. I love women. I really do. For me woman is the height of eroticism. Everything is fascinating about them. Even more when I observe that I actually give little regard to their physical apperance. What makes me go wild over a girl is what she says, thinks and how she conducts herself. To write erotica is to capture that moment and let it get its breath and life. It’s in this specks of everyday life, dust we are so fond of that we find unbearable light. I want to write about that.

Regardless of gender, I believe that we should be kind to each other, spiritual. You can read more on it here. I went and transformed my fear to passion, and use it with attentiveness to produce the best work I could. Did I doubt my work? Yes I did. But will I publish it, possibly fail and come back? Yes I will. I want to succeed no matter what.

Spirit economics are here to help me. I will just take the problem, understand it and then take action to solve it. In this, spirituality will aid me if I invest in it. Therefore, spirit economics allowed me to start thig blog and write fiction again. Please use this well. It will aid you in your troubles. Here’s sample of Contemporary portraits 1:

“John continued with the housework. Toilet was somewhat peculiar task. He had to put two soaps, honey flavored and lemon flavored. Mrs. Grim obsessions confused him, especially one with lemon and chocolate. Fridays were worst, since he had to mow the lawn on Friday. The lawn itself wasn’t the problem, as much the placement of garden stones in certain formation. There were four formations, each representing a symbol. The symbol formed a circle. Formations were shapes, and the shapes were square, circle, triangle and x. Playstation formation. That’s how John called it. John was almost finished with X when Mrs. Grim appeared over him”.

P.S. Was there a thing that helped you overcome a rough patch?


Michael of Moon

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