Fiction #1.1

As a part of my own spirit economics, I decided to give fiction writing a chance. Originally, I started out as a fiction writer. I loved it, but was very young and unsecure at the times. Sci fi and horror were my favorite genres. Probably this was a turning point in my life.

I wanted to kill myself as a teen. I was depressed mostly. I was nothing. Sand stored in a shape, waiting for the brief and unsettling wind of time to dissipate me to tranquility of rot. It took a lot to begin life anew. I had to have something to bargain with. The conversation between I and I had omnious consequences. I could lose my life over here. What should I do?

In a nutshell, I believe you always have to take some loses.That’s real. My transition from depression to the base state, clean slate was covered in self-harm, radicalization of some feelings and so on. But, I took my loses and learned from them,. What I had most problems with were obsessive thoughts. I couldn’t stop thinking. On top of that, I have a very vivid imagination that fueled me with scenarios of what-may-come but probably will-never-be. It was hard to live like this. Yet again, I wanted to live. 

But how am I going to defeat this adversity? It’s not like I can put my negative thoughts in one container and bury them in my backyard. I had to put them somewhere. I remembered that from a very young age I was drawn to arts. The idea of creating something deeply fascinated me. I tried fiction writing. It was beginning of my career as a writer. However, I didn’t knew it was the birth of spirit economics. 

So, the feelings and thoughts I had at the time pervaded my writing. But, they could leave me and enter my writing. This leaves me empty of those feelings. An alien feeling penetrated my being. It wasn’t happiness exaclty, but it was delightful. It wasn’t like anything I knew. I dug deeper. For the first few months I wrote volumes. During the day I would be at highschool, trying to be normal. As soon as school ended I would run home to my notebooks and write till it’s time to sleep. When I would get up in the morning, I would be fresh and light. The bad came out in writing. I gave my evil to it to create something. I could live again. I invested myself.

As time went on I started freelancing. I wrote non-fiction ebooks, poetry and articles for money. Everytime I would look for a job, I would see the erotica fiction offers. It’s unexplainable how I wanted to land one of those. I couldn’t. I stopped writing fiction. Though, I wrote some erotic fiction and poetry for few of my girlfriends. I wanted to write fiction, bad. I created an opportunity. Again, I invested in myself.

I took time to learn the basics and start all of this. Currently, I’m working on a project that will come out in installations. It’s title is “Contemporary portraits”. It deals with main character who is good at nothing really and is employed to be a gardener. He works because of his sick mother. He works in the household of rich people, doing weird tasks he is paid for. He has to put chocolate chip cookies under the doormats. One day, the cookie is missing and everything goes wild. John learns that he is actually working for a space priestess who is guarding the Goddess of universe. They have many enemies and one is currently chasing after them. In all mayhem, one will John do? He has no other choice. He has to change, so he becomes El Perversio.

This is a crazy story. I gonna go hard on this one. Here’s a sample:

John got used to the dirty work. Accurately, there was no dirt in the jobs. They were more day to day-weird-boring. His job consisted of many different jobs. House cleaning was ordinary. After the room was cleaned, he had to put a lemon slice in it. Next was the doorway. The doorway cleaning consisted of wiping the doorway, and putting a chocolate chip cookie under the doormat. Usually, John stays away from other residents. The dynamic in the house surpassed his understanding. Jenny was also there. She was a house maid. John never saw her do anything. Never anything. Nothing. Never. This bothered him, but he remained silent as menstruating bitch should. His job also included keeping tabs on Donald, Raven’s husband. Neurotic bitch, John says, using it as mantra.

I don’t know if I will sell my fiction, non-fiction and other works. I can’t say that. But I’m passionate about writing and very attentive. I can change my style and grow. To enable this, I wll by all means use everything to put myself in right position to do so. I want to succeed. To do that, I have to ensure my success with being the right person to succeed. That’s spirit economics. Whatever you do, you can invest youself in it.


P.S. In the comments, please write what irritates you the most about fiction and erotica fiction? What you don’t want to see in a work on fiction.


Michael of Moon

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