New book

I decided to write new book. It’s title will be “Spirit economics – be spiritual”. Now, not much can be said from title alone.

The idea of spirit economics has been with me for a few years now. At first, I practiced this with a reserve stemming from ignorance. I wanted to run away. Issues plagued me, rendering me to a point of depressive non-existence. Even during the gravest part of my struggle, so far it was always with me. That special something. I, like you am a Moonborn.

I sincerly believe in potential of becoming Moonborn, realizing who you truly are. The Moonborn is a term I came with because I love to give a poetic twist to everything I do. I don’t want to tell you that you are special. That’s 101. We are entirely different animals.

What I want to introduce to people is what helped me personally. I don’t know will it help you, but it worked for me. It pains me to see so much people down on their luck. I log into my Facebook or Twitter and see so much people writing dark, depressing anecdotes and thoughts about their lives. What’s with that? To paraphrase Joker in Dark knight: “Why so sad?”. Seriously, why?

I don’t think life is bad or good by default. It’s just life. The question I had to ask myself for most of my adolescence was, what I really want? Not like what I wish to have or achieve. No, what I want? What i want to pursue in my life?

I had anger issues. Before that I was depressed. I witnessed much, much violence in my life, tragedies, betrayal. But you know what, that’s old me. As I entered my twenties I had enormous need for change. I wanted to systemize it a bit, to have a plan and know exactly what I was doing. So, I created a thought that will guide me to betterment and called it spirit economics. The point was to manage myself, but to manage myself regardless of my own creed, beliefs, feelings and thoughts. What moved me to this was the fact that I understood that I’m not viable to act accordingly because of my feelings. I was under impression that I knew what I was doing. I didn’t. I wanted to manage myself. I needed to put my feelings aside and take a good, long look at my life. What was I even doing?

I was brash, ignorant, prifedul and most of all, weak. I was weak. I wanted to be power, I wanted to be feared and respected through fear. But I changed. I saw this things in myself and asked sincerly, what can I do to fix this? Again, the question pulled no punches. I had to ask it that way to be effecitve. To actually have a meaning. Spirit economics allowed me to manage myself. To give myself time to be angry and violent far away from others, yet to be modest and gentle to those around me. With spirituality as the main tool of spirit economics I harnessed real strength to change. What I don’t like about most self-help books is that they put an unrealistic expactation on a broken person. You can’t say, oh I’ll fight depression with this 45 laws of haphazzard, it’s real magic son. You are a human being that needs attention to grow and change. You should be the biggest source of that attention. Only you can change yourself.

With this book I want to emphasize the importance of you in your life. I got mine on the right track. But it pains me to see so many wounded and broken people. Let’s not be like that. Let’s change, but change from the core. Do you think your children, loved ones, family want to see you like that? Not in hell. But nobody can help you, unless you help yourself. That’s great actually.

You can become anything. Be Moonborn.


Michael of Moon

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