Mindset of the spiritual person

I have a need to discuss something. Recently, I got a chance to go through lot of material and study various authors. While the ancient masters of language and thought were able to tap in the spirit of their time, we are unable to. We are dilluted in the purse of final, all-encompassing thought, doctrine or practice. We want to know everything, yet we resort to knowing nothing. How come we, as contemporary man with all advancements in science and technology, have this issue?

I wondered a lot on the topic. Interviewing people I discovered that there is no guiding principle in their lives. They love the current fad. On the other hand, something was amiss in the conversation. Why did the people do what they did? Why did they embrace thoughts and values they did? I dug deeper and found nothing. Their knowledge was compossed on what they favored, not what they inspected as the best option for them. In my book Introduction to spirituality I discuss the idea of education. The term changed so much. In the book I wrote:

The thing about people and education is that education is a fun possibility, but a rarely enjoyable activity. To educate oneself takes a lot more than a going to college. Because of this, many, many people strive to be educated, to brand and label themselves, while missing the sole purpose of those actions. It’s important to be those things that we label ourselves. Being something, however, proves to be too much work for most people

Education today is more about carrying a label, than living it. For this, we could blame schools, educational systems and other sources. This leads to nothing. I don’t blame institutions for being what they have to be. I blame people for being too silent. They don’t want to change anything. Yet, human beings can become anything. That’s what spirit ecnomics are all about. Slamming facts, theories and facts means nothing. You have to understand how to use them. To use them, you have to know yourself well enough to emphasize the aspect of the argument important to you. Even then, nothing guarantees you the right mindset. This is hardest to achieve.

The mindset is so important, because great education and position of power aren’t equal to happiness. You need something else. You need happiness. We all live differently with different problems. What makes us one, whole is the need to pursue happiness that lies after the problem has been dealt with.

Spirit economics are there to guide and help you reach what is needed for you to be happy. The point of spirit economics is to gain that mindset. You probably know poor people who “hustle” and reach their goal. You have to want that. But you can’t expact to have that. You have to work for it. Be passionately attentive. Don’t give up. You are here for a very special trip. Special as much as you want it to be. It can only be special as you allow it to be. It’s all about the right mindset. 

Reasons you should try spirit economics today:

It’s about the right mindset – Money means nothing. Power means nothing. You could stand at the top of the world and feel nothing. I want to show you different. I want you to harvest from another perspective. Who you are? Why do you do what you are doing? What moves you? Try to answer those questions? More or less you will earn money, power and respect, but what then? You are Moonborn. Shine. Be the best you can be and even better, help others shine. You will see how much will this improve your life.

The right mindset will improve your life – I don’t mean in such manner that meditation gives you an inside scoop on levitation, gods, REM states of sleep and chakras. Let’s be more humble than that. This is 21 century. Let’s get those ideas out of the way, and start living in this era. You don’t need to be god or holy. Just be a good guy. Sincerly good. You can do it. That’s spirit economics. Defeat yourself, change, teach others, be Moonborn.

Right midnset allows you to take action – This is truly important. Look, you have to take action for anything to happen. This the only way to change. The hardest way. Spirit economics rise from right mindset. You only need to change. But to change, you have to want to change. Go and get it.

P.S. Please, try to be spiritual and practice spirit economics. You are a peculiar flower, with coulour out of time and smell from outer space. You are a god. Bloom, springlike and be beautiful


Michael of Moon

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