Going erotic

Lately, I posted a lot on my social media with hashtag #goerotic. Now, I try to make my tweets and posts as clear and concise as they can be. However, there is still need for explaining. Term “erotic” has been around for a very long time. But with this term, as with anything I do, I like to define it myself first before I use it.

See, I believe a time has come for us, as individuals, to breathe in a new atmosphere in our lives. I tweet a lot about sensuality, being sexy, feeling good and being beautiful. I do this stuff, because, at some point I understood that nobody tells this to people. You are beautiful. I don’t know you, but I sincerly believe it. You may be an addict, a crook or see yourself as a failure. That’s wrong. Only time you failed is when you look in the mirror, and not see potential. That’s when you are dead wrong. Case closed. You are Moonborn, if you choose to be.

The point of #spiriteconomics is to reach this level. Not to lie to yourself about how perfect you are. It’s not about that.It’s about becoming the best you can be. Sure, you will fail a lot, and make mistakes and do wrong. What makes you holy, makes you spiritual is fixing them and doing better next time. That’s real and plausible. Being buddha-christ-elder god hybrid that meditates and is vegan isn’t plausible. That’s just impossible. The part of spirit economics that I like the most is the transformation that occurs after you indulge in spirituality. Ok, so you are being passionately attentive as it was prescribed, but were you like that with yourself?

I used to be insecure about my physique. I was fat, no doubt. Even after I lost biblical amount of weight I was still insecure. You can’t make the insecurites evaporate like fat. It’s deeper than that. It took me a while to be able to be naked in front of girls. When I actually had sex for the first time I was just happy that someone accepted me as I was. Later on, I figured that the girls were just insecure as I was. Knowing this gave me confidence. They didn’t thought I was fat. They told I’m hot or pretty. I wanted to repay them.

Since I was the confident one, it was up to me to make the first move. What do I do? Ok, I developed spirit economics and practiced spirituality on myself, but what about her? Will I stop and give her a sermon? Lord no, I won’t. But, what if I practiced spirituality on her instead?

I was sincere when I told her she’s beautiful. To me she was. Her hair dyed blonde, just as I like it, and she was a handful where she needed to be. I loved it. I told her that. I was honest. I kissed her, pushed to action by silent trembling of my own being. Drowning her in pleasue. Exploring her. I ate her body as it was the peach-blossom honey. Everything I did was for her. She replied. She went erotic. Beautiful. Her bare soul shined in everything she did. It was breathtaking. It was real.

Going erotic is and isn’t about you. It’s about us, about sharing. People and things, generally, don’t have value. We give them value. If you are so blessed that you have someone waiting for you to come home, let them be erotic. Give them that. Make them beautiful, and they will do the same for you in return. All you need is spirituality. You deserve it.


Michael Of Moon


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2 thoughts on “Going erotic

  1. “We give them value.”
    Excellent point. We could give everything value just by being in the moment and slowly soaking it all in. All experiences would be sensuous magic if we allowed them to be.


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