Spiritual and erotic in practice

Previously, I wrote about spirituality and erotic. Today, I want to write about the practical use of spirituality, and its transition to erotic. As I wrote here, I developed a certain view on relationships. So far, I can say it works good. The view  came from understanding of spirituality and erotic I acquired.

I had a problem with women. That problem was my libido. The libido, high as mine, dictated the way I communicate with women. It was horrible. I remember those days, as the horror transcended to graphic, as it became real enough to be touched. The demon of my libido haunted the relationships through my life. I was enslaved by my own hunger. But I’ve changed. I’m different now.

The spirituality helped me out. The introduction to the approach can be found here. The spirituality is defined as passionate attentiveness. With exploration of human freedom, human rights and spirit of times, I’ve concluded that there is no need for me to behave like an animal. I wanted something different. What I find most repulsive is the fact that you think you can seduce someone. The market is big for Ebooks, coaches, lifestyle gurus and so on the topic of seduction and relationships. Seduction is a lie.It is the lie we are inclined to belive. This go out to all guys currently chasing girls.

Don’t do that. I find seduction to be an institution of a false practice. Let’s start looking at each other as beings. Not just man and woman. Yes, absolutely we are biologically different. But we are human. We are universal, the Moon’s blessed children, only if we want to be. The seduction doesn’t work because you can’t really seduce anyone. They have to like you.Your “game”, your “pickup lines”, your whatever won’t work if there is no attraction from the opposite party. Even if it works, what after you seduced someone? The initial step, seduction, was the finishing step. You got laid. What now? The object was to employ seduction as a strategy to get a hold of the body, but not of a person. Do you just kick them out like they are nothing? That’s horrible.

I propose you to #bespiritual and go #erotic. I used to think within the means of seduction. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t. However, I started enjoying life and women as I became more spiritual. By this I mean that I tried to attend to their being with my passion.

I meet a girl sexually attractive or attractive in general. The beast within is strong. It compels me with vivid imagery of sexual encounters to devour the sweetest peach. The moonlight’s honeyweb will drip on my tongue, it says. It will drip rivers, it says, and the rivers will flow for a tongue brave. Immediately, I switch back to my spiritual self. I decide…Let me get to know this person. We talk. Following the introduction, I let the girl tell me who she is. I don’t mean info like is she a student, or does she has a job, or what is her favorite band. None of that. These are important, but I want to see what she really thinks, how she feels. I don’t want to get intimate with someone who doesn’t share my perspective. That’s damaging for both parties. It’s about #spiriteconomics it’s about being smart with yourself.

After we established that we are comfortable with each other, a transition takes place. Now, we can discuss if we are getting intimate. Remember passionate attentiveness? That’s spirituality, I approached her with that in mind. If she doesn’t want to explore me that way, that’s fine. I back out and be friends, and it’s all good. If she decides that she likes me, we further discuss our next move.

This is the most important part. I want her to be relaxed enough for her to be herself, but also for me, to be myself. I don’t want to do anything with her if this condition isn’t met. It’s not worth it. After that we get to the erotic part. Erotic is merging which occurs from two persons being spiritual about each other. The term is broad enough to encompass all behavior that people enjoy and fully participate in. I attend to her, she attends to me. There is no shameful, dirty, good, bad, ugly. Just be spiritual, go erotic, enjoy someone special.

This trasnfer to every aspect of your relationship. Your communication will be better, you’ll understand each other and sex will be better. Just imagine it. I leave it to you.

Human being are beautiful, and their beauty lies in the ability to transform. You can be anything, be Moonborn.

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Michael Fringe 



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