Spiritual and erotic

I tweet about these terms a lot. I find they should stand next to each other. However, the terms here are usually complete opposites. There are lot of sources to blame for this. We can go as far as middle ages and church, but here, this will not be the case. I propose something different.

We, human beings can become holy. We can be saints, godlike even, but that’s not what’s makes us holy. It’s the opposite. It’s being human in the first place and will for betterment that makes us holy. The holyness resides within the human experience, not the other way around. Face it, your wellbeing, your mantras and whatever not, may or may not work. But the fact remains. You are a living, breathing human being with certain needs. What we should all strive for are principles and morals that are simple and universal. Humans are universal beings. Even if the circumstances are different the events that transpire and create our lives are universal. If you are betrayed, you are betrayed, no matter the circumstances. If you fall in love, you fell in love. The fact remains, you are in love now. The circumstances don’t matter.

As I write, blue air arises in my head, dissolving me in ancient rivers, allowing me to be water. To crash, yet be whole, to experience and not lose anything. Always being able to return to self, to burn, to crystalize and return to state of fluidity, merging and being born again through experience itself. That’s spirituality for me. You can read more about my view on spirituality here.

Spirituality isn’t enough. We are the beings of spirit, but we can’t live on spirit alone. We need to support the sensual within us. It needs us. If we try to collide with our desires it will produce a destructive effect. If you try to supress a river with only your hands, you will do a rather poor job. You have to be sensual, because you are sensual. Whatever need you have, probably is normal. Don’t let others judge you. However, there is something you can do for yourself. You can #bespiritual and go #erotic.

The erotic as I see it is a natural extension of spirituality. It is where our sensual needs meet the spiritual within us. I see spirituality as passionate attentiveness, and therofore, I see spirituality being one with erotic experience. The need for erotic arises as man wishes to explore the ends of his sensuality. Enjoy everything. Be delighted. Remember, have principles. Don’t hurt anyone. Nobody deserves to be hurt. But enjoy yourself.

Erotic is the beauty arising from spiritual. It’s when you are yourself the most. When your experience of self peaks. Try spirituality like that, enjoy yourself, love yourself. Erotic means dissolving in the experience completely, fogetting oneself. When you have sex with someone you love, or you are enchanted with, you don’t think about it, you just are. Just be, make your life erotic. You can do it. The power of chage is within you. You are the Moonborn.

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Michael Fringe 


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