Spirit Economics

My whole life I didn’t understand how to conduct myself around people. As time passed, I tried a lot of things. I read the first short stories I wrote. Immediately, I notice my characters are the seasons of my suffering. The characters are awfully disconected from world. People behind wall of glass that no one can see. They don’t have story or background, except for the terrible one. Usually, it’s connected to other characters, who caused pain to the main character. From today’s perspective, I see how childish I was.

I don’t believe people are evil. I don’t believe in categories of good and evil. I suppose it’s only possible to work for the betterment of humanity. The ability necessary for this work can be found in every man, and every man can find them in himself.

My life treats my inner narative as a history of a graveyard. It doesn’t matter whom I buried in the past, but how I did it. Most of it is terrible. I was terrible. I didn’t understand what’s important. I used to give myself wholly in the relationship. I don’t mean just in love relationships, but the relationship in general. I mean, I didn’t know how to behave in any relationship. The problem tortured me for years. Help came from unexpected source. I love writing and reading. When I’m doing this activities, I feel like I can uncover the true depth of my being. Naturally, this lead me to freelancing, and later to self publishing. I tried to understand the economy behind my endavours. What I needed to do to sustain myself and earn money?

Money taught me more about ethics than any philosophy book ever could. You actually have to use money. When you have it, you have to be smart with it. If you aren’t you will lose it. When you spend it, and can’t get more, you are in serious trouble. Things will be far brighter if you invest wisely. It’s same with people. People are investment, and so you are. Invest in yourself #bespiritual

This may sound weird at first. Unusual even. Spirituality is how you as being communicate with the world. Your spirituality is your presence in the world. It’s how you communicate with it, it affects you, your personality and soul. Spirituality is what you should invest in. The quality of your spirituality dictates the quality of your life. That’s spirit economics. Invest wisely. It took me a long time to understand this.

I could talk for days about the relationships I destroyed with too much caring or lack of emotions. I can’t count the people I misjudged. I look at my characters today. I try to give them more than personality. To not be limited by my deformities. I try to give them life I couldn’t have. That’s love, right there. That love translates to me, because I love myself actually. I see self-love as investing in yourself. My communication and relationship with the world changed, and therefore I changed. I became spiritual. My writing changed.

The spirit economics helped me, as it gave me distance from people. I could judge properly in whom shall I invest my emotions more accurately. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a sociopath, I just take myself seriously now.

I can’t ingore the fact we are limited by time. There won’t be much left after we are gone. For the time we are here, we should work toward peaceful and delightful life. Let’s enable ourselves and others to live like this. We are the Moonborn. We shine differently. That’s the chant from the other side of the Moon.

Today, I can’t boast a wild social circle, but I can say that I have friends. The real ones. Ones you can count on. My writing isn’t sad anymore. My characters have the same ability I have. It’s up to them to use it. This goes for every human being. Start investing today and be rich forever.

I have few tips for you, that I find could be usable for you.

Each relationship is an investment – This is basic. Each relationship should be viewed like this. The relationships are investment that can make you rich or poor on the market of life. Decision is yours to make. The quality of your life is based on the spirit economics you practiced. This rule should be respected and practiced. Its secrets can be revaled through practice only.

Relationships require consistency – Spirit economics should be practiced all the time. Relationship requires consistency to work. Wellbeing of others is your wellbeing also. If you have too much problems with people, toxic relationships or enemies, your life will be hell. Keep this on your mind. It’s not about what will you give, but how will you do it and when.

Relationships are work – Somedays you can’t deal with people. Those people could be your friends or someone you love, but you can’t hack it. Not today. It’s impossible to be on your best everyday. That’s the greatest misgiving of self-help as niche. It comes with presumption that you can be on you 100 everyday. To be superhuman in your conduct. No one can do that, but relationships are work. They are like work or a job. You have to do them everyday. As you have emotions, so do the other people. You need others, to be beautiful with them, to be like Moon, night and light. To be human.

I hope you will try spirit economics out. These are the chants from the other side of the Moon, and every being knows them, if it want to. Be Moonborn.

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Michael Fringe 


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