About writing #3

I’m starting a new fiction series that has no definitive number of instalments. It will run as long as I keep writing it. The name of the series is “Contemporary portraits”.

I’m in love with contemporary. The contemporary as I see it is an unexplored treasury. Our neuroses, insecurities and lifes make a tissue for an amazing story. However, I don’t want to write clean fiction. I want to mix it up. I want to go one step further.

I think that writer or artist should have no limitations. Not by others or by himself. As long as he has a story to tell, something that will touch people, that will make them feel or move, he can do it as he wants. He deserves it. Also, I as any other person have many inclinations and needs other people don’t know about. I find this normal. Our inner lifes are what makes us so interesting in the first place.

The following series will not be bound by genre, theme or style. These are the portraits of people real and imaginary. The events here are fictive, but their meaning has the roots in everlasting truth. The truth is what we live, after all. Therefore, I went all out with this story. Soon, as I publish it, you will be able to read more about it and what’s the story about.

Please, never forget that writing and other activities help to make us more spiritual. I find a deep connection between my writing and spirituality. It’s spirituality at practice. This is the biggest achievement of my spirit economics. I invested all the negativity I had to create a fun, out-of-ordinary story, with erotic twist at the end. This way, I used my passionate attentivness in order to understand my shortcomings and transform it into a story. Now, I don’t feel that negativity, nor am I burdened by it. I released it into the story. I’m clean. That’s where writing or any actitivity and spirituality meet. That’s the place. Please, practice this. You will benefit.


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Michael Fringe 


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