The Moonborn

I think all people are special. Each one us is a Moonborn. Being Moonborn is something we all could exercise to its fullest potential. It’s about being spiritual. You all can be.

The Moonborn is a possible state of any being. It could be kind of wrong to tell you that you have to achieve this state. That’s not true. It’s time we let go of such notions as achieving. How can you achieve being something that you have actually been all along?

The Moonborn is a person that acts like the Moon itself. The Moon is a source of a light, a light that always shines. The Moon never stops shining. Even when you don’t see it, far away from gaze of others, the Moon never lacks. Even when it’s forgotten, the Moon returns in all its glory. But Moon is awfully silent. It never speaks, it never talks. It knows no language or speech. The Moon just is.

It is a powerful state of being. You just have to harness it. You have to find your inner light. You have to know who you are. You can do it. That’s the most important thing. You can definetely do it. You always could.

Being a Moonborn is about consistency, resilience and light. The Moonborn is what is born of Moon itself. It shares its nature. It shares the same characteristics of Moon. The silence and the beauty, the courage to stand on one’s own. To be yourself. To be like Moon.

For me, the Moon is an entity of high spirituality. Its being never falters, but always remain the same. I gazed at Moon for more than a decade. Learning its secrets, breathing the Moon’s very light. Imprisoned I was, yet tortured not, as I was guided by the uknown that preceded me. The Moon’s silence and divinity taught me about spirituality. It taught me about being spiritual. With spirituality, I conquered immense fears, traumas, addictions. The spirituality is what made me blossom as a man. You can be like Moon.

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If you have any questions. Feel free to ask in the comments.


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Michael Fringe 


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