About writing #2

I love to write about spirituality. I think most people lack it. I remember reading authors on the subject, and how I felt like there is something missing between me and the work. I regard spirituality as intimate. I could never enjoy or endorse cult behavior.  For example, I never embraced Christianity even though I’m baptised as an ortodox christian. That lacks spirituality in my opinion. It lacked it in abundance.

I see the meaning of the word spirituality as a passionate attentiveness. You can read more about it in the Ebook I recently published. The spirituality that I govern is practiced and cultivated through everyday life. If you want to help yourself, you can try the method I write about. It may not sound like something too revolutionary, but if you are stuck, it’s still better than nothing.

I used writing as my gateway to the mindset of spirituality. Writing helped a lot. Not as a therapy though. I think the therapy approach to problems is wrong. These things aren’t for therapy. Why would they even be? It’s impossible to heal or move forward via therapy. The trauma can’t be surpassed just because you want to heal. You have to heal through actions. When you are sick, you use medicine, treatment and other methods to heal. Traumatized, lazy, stuck, all kinds of people are dealing with their inner hells and downfalls. The more they burrow themselves within therapy, condition and states of sickness, the less likely will they heal. Most people you know lack something important. That is spirituality.

And I don’t want to go all church on you here. I don’t mean you need to fast and refuse all earthly. Go to the world. Embrace it. Use the world to find out who you are. Find yourself within the world, but don’t forget to find the world within you. This comes hardest for most people. Find something that makes you happy. When I say happy, I mean happy as you persist doing what you love even though you are naked and hungry. That type of happy. Don’t limit yourselves. Let that thing be anything, as long as it’s good for you. Of course, I don’t mean doing drugs to the death or anything like that. I don’t support that. Although, it’s good to do drugs sometimes.

A lot of people mistakenly think they should pursue arts. Frankly, that’s stupid. Do whatever you like, but do something you are born to do. The type of work you are naturally inclined to. Just start moving, doing, making, creating. That’s all you need. Writing saved my life.

By this, I want to express that writing enabled me to learn more about myself and about world. It helped me to understand myself and others. The writing enabled me to take a break from harsh reality of life and let myself go. With that I overcome the negative feelings I harbored for so long. The feelings that made me want to die, to stop breathing, existing even. Writing made me a different man.

If you want to help yourself, to nudge yourself, to move a little, my book may be for you. Just try, do it for yourself. You, yourself are your own greatest wonder and miracle. You are a wericle. That’s how awesome you are.

Please, share your thoughts on the need of spirituality in the world of today.

You can learn more about spirituality if you visit my Smashwords account and purchase my Ebooks. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


Michael Fringe 


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