About writing #1

I love to write. If it wasn’t for writing, I probably wouldn’t be here, writing again. How writing saved my life, I’ll write somewhere else and some other time. I would like to tell you about Ebook  I wrote.

It was an amazing journey. I didn’t write prose in such a long time. It has been half a decade since I wrote prose. This summer was extremely hard for me. A lot happened. Along the way, I decided to publish my first Ebook. My biggest surprise came from the fact that I knew what the Ebook will be about. I have so many influences. I read everything. I read classical literature, poetry and even comic books. What I decided even before I wrote the draft was that the Ebook must contain erotica.

I find that most erotica books have tasteless sexual imagery.  I don’t want to write about sex just to write about sex. I find that our sexual identities are such unremarkable creatures. It’s in their nature to be special, and they become even more so when we get to know them. Also, it’s should be obvious, the Author always uses his own experience and his relationship with the world when he creates. Whatever we choose to create, that is our innermost self.

Since the inception of my story, I knew it had to have a situation involving priest and God. I grew up reading such books in which characters have to make life altering decisions. Also, I love when there is character development involved. When it’s all journey like. I wanted that for my priest, Tom. Addition of MMF threesome with bisexual elements was a moment of great inspiration. I must admit that I enjoyed writing it to the very end. This freedom is so grand for me. If it was a painting, it would show a person between earth and sky. Endlessly falling but never reaching the ground. Just being present, in the moving fingers, as new existence takes shape.

I want to explore various dimensions of being in my writing. I think everyone should love and enjoy themselves. I can’t imagine how great it would be if people would look up to my priest, and break free. I believe you should love and never be ashamed of who you really are. Therefore, my writing is a chant from the other side of the moon. No more should people feel shame. No more should people be what they are not, instead of being themselves. Look how beautiful can you be, when you let the moon to sing through you. In each one of you, there is such moon, shining in unpreceded light.

My characters found out who they are. If you wish to do what they did, you can purchase my Ebook. Anyway, I hope that you will find who you are.

You can learn more about spirituality if you visit my Smashwords account and purchase my Ebooks. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter.


Michael Fringe 


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